Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Potty Training Day 2

The first half of today was frustrating. I would sit in the bathroom all morning with Haylee and she wouldn't do a thing. But the second I put her pull up on, she'd pee. She acted like she was afraid to go potty in her big girl potty all of the sudden. I had pretty much given up and decided I'd try again in a couple weeks. After nap time I decided I would try one last thing. After sitting in the bathroom for what seemed like 2 more hours, I told her I was going to go turn the air down and I'd be right back. As soon as I left, she went potty. She was so excited and told me she went, and said, "look!" That routine lasted the rest of the afternoon. I could tell she was getting less and less afraid the more she went. Two more times she said she had to go and I would sit her down, say I'd be right back, and she'd go. I could watch her in the picture by the bathroom but she couldn't see me. The trick for the day (which might change tomorrow) was to a)leave the bathroom and b)leave her like this.....

Of course, by evening, it seems all my hardwork is flushed down the toliet. When Dad gets home or we go to Grandma's (which we did tonight) Haylee forgets about the big girl potty and goes on the floor.

But since nap time she's 3-1 and hopefully she'll do better tomorrow. Of course, going #2 is a whole new story. She's been holding it for 2 days! Poor girl.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Pee pee in the potty!

Well that's the name of the dance/song we're singing around here. Today is the big day! All morning I've been putting her on the big girl potty every 15-20 minutes and just reading books to get her to actually stay on the potty longer than 2 seconds. The first time she went, she didn't even say anything. I noticed when she stood up and I went crazy. She was so excited and kept saying "yeah Haylee." Then right after that she went twice in her big girl panties on the floor. So, it's been 1 step forward, 2 steps back. She did go one more time before nap so we're 2-2 right now. Keep your fingers crossed!

She didn't want anything to do with her big girl panties at first but after her elephant wore them, she was okay with wearing them.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Movie Weekend

This weekend was a movie weekend for us. Friday night we had planned to take Haylee to see Monsters Vs. Aliens but after she was a little brat (I know, can you believe it?) at dinner we decided to go home. Saturday night we gave her another chance and went to Texas Roadhouse with my mom and Haylee was an angel. Her appetite is finally coming back after months of eating next to nothing and she enjoyed ribs, steak, potatoes, salad and their yummy rolls. After dinner my Mom took her home with here and Josh and I went to see The Proposal. I thought that was one of the best movies I've seen, I loved it!

Sunday, my Mom, Danielle (my neice) and I went to see Away We Go. I didn't really like this movie at all. A little strange and just pretty much boring.

Not too much else to report. We had a pretty low key weekend. Josh will have a 3 day weekend this coming up weekend so we plan to take Haylee to see the new Ice Age, watch some fireworks, and BBQ & swim at Dustin's. I'm looking forward to it!

Thursday, June 25, 2009


We took Haylee to the circus last night. It was worth every penny to see the excitement on her little face. She was dancing, clapping and smiling and having the best time ever. Last year there were far too many slow parts and it didn't keep Haylee entertained very good but this year was great. There was actually a little too much going on at times and I think Haylee was overstimulated. Before the show we got our pictures taken with a couple clowns and even got our own clown noses which Haylee loved wanted nothing to do with. During the show Haylee enjoyed popcorn and a snow cone and told me she liked the zebras, horses, puppies, elephant and tigers. When the show ended Haylee kept saying she wanted to see it again. Next year little girl, for sure!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My little dolphin

Haylee and I met up with my Aunt Roxie (my Dad's sister) today for breakfast. We have a fun little restaurant we like to go to called Joe's Grill where we can eat outside under the grapefruit trees and Haylee can run around. I enjoy getting together with her and her family because I love that Haylee has relatives on my Dad's side that she can be close too and learn about her Papa Reggie through them. I'm so thankful we have kept in touch these past couple years and get together often.

Today was the first day Haylee used her new pool she got from Uncle Dustin for her birthday. Seems fitting since it was a cool hotter than heck 108 degrees today-yikes! She loved sitting in her new Mickey ring and swimming around like a dolphin. Josh couldn't even resist when Haylee said, "Dad c'mon."

Monday, June 22, 2009


Haylee and I went camping this weekend with some of my family (Josh had to work). I was worried since it rained on us the whole way to the camp spot but then it cleared up and we were able to set up camp without any problems. After we got things set up we ate lunch and went for a drive. I love taking drives in Dustin's truck because we always have a blast. We saw a few deer and elk, let balloons go for Dad, and drove around to all our favorite spots. After our drive we went back to camp to have grilled cheese and soup- a camping favorite. I made a yummy smore with a peanut butter cup, and then it was pretty much bedtime. It was cold up in the mountains and I had a hard time sleeping. Haylee kept waking up and so I would hear her, everyone pretty much slept lousy. The next morning we ate breakfast and then went for another drive. This time we went to the caves and had fun playing with the crawdads and the snake in a nearby pond. It was hard to keep the girls awake the whole way back to camp, but we did and then it was naptime. Haylee wouldn't sleep, and kept crying so I don't know if she wasn't feeling good or what. By this time it was almost 5pm so I decided to pack up and come home. The only thing I figured we'd miss out on was another horrible night of sleep and breakfast. On our way out we saw a lot of elk and deer and even a baby bear cub. Good thing we were on our way out or I would have been sleeping in my car. We got home pretty late and were exhausted. I had fun and I think Haylee enjoyed playing in the mountains but it's always wonderful to come home and take a nice hot shower!

Haylee driving with Uncle Dustin like I use to drive with my Dad at her age.

Too many bumpy roads put Haylee to sleep.

My Dad carved our names in double log cabin when we were little. You can still see our names pefectly!

Haylee wanted to wear Daddy's camo hat after we got home and I laughed so hard when she put it on Jackson. I couldn't resist a picture of him wearing it too.

Father's Day

Because we were camping on Father's Day, this post is a bit late.

Father's Day is a bittersweet holiday for me. I miss my Dad so much and hate that I can't call to talk to him, give him a big hug, or just laugh at how funny he is. Growing up, I was always such a daddy's girl so loosing my Dad will never be easy on me. I know he would love to be here, seeing Haylee grow up and spending time with me and Dustin. In honor of him (and because we enjoy it a lot) we went camping this weekend. Some of my most cherished memories of my Dad are when we were camping. To this day, we camp and visit the exact spots we did with Dad, we now let our girls "drive" in the woods like we did with Dad, and we go for drives to look for deer and elk like we did with Dad. When I'm in the mountains I feel closer to my Dad.

We took balloons up there and let them go for him and let me just tell you how heart breaking it is to hear your 2 year old daughter saying she sends balloons to the sky for Papa Eggie. How I wish he was still here with us but I know I will see him again someday. Until then, I hang on to my many memories.....

And I definitely don't think it was a coincidence that the wind stopped blowing just as we were letting the balloons go so that they didn't get stuck in all the trees. Neither was it a coincidence that it rained on us the whole way to our camp spot and then the sun came out so we could set everything up and it didn't rain again while we were there. Thanks for looking out for us Dad!

The reason I still enjoy Father's Day is because I see how truly blessed Haylee is to have such a wonderful Dad. Josh is so patient, loving, caring, and just a perfect Dad to little Haylee. He loves her so much and she just adores him. She loves to be his parrot or to ride the "zebra" and she laughs all the time while playing with Daddy. It melts my heart to see the way he is around Haylee and I know I could never have found a better Dad for her. I love Josh so much and am so thankful Haylee and I have him in our lives.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Papa Reggie

Aside from her big brown eyes and her red tinted hair, Haylee resembles and takes after my Dad a lot. I love it! I just wish he were here to see it all. Today while eating her cereal I noticed she ate every bite with her left hand (my Dad was left handed). I don't know why I noticed that today but she could have been doing this all along.

I also forgot to mention on yesterdays post about Haylee cracking us up in the waiting room at her doctor visit. There was a little baby (under a year old) toddling around. She was very interested in Haylee but her mom pulled her away. In her whiny sweet toddler voice Haylee said, "I want it!" I asked, "what?" And Haylee said, "a little sister." I don't know if she was reminding me or if she wanted to take that little baby home to be her little sister. Either way, we laughed.

And, finally, a sneak peek of Haylee coming to terms with her cupcake... 2 days after her Birthday! More cute pics to come...hopefully.

Monday, June 15, 2009

2 Year Check Up

Today we took Haylee to her 2 year well visit with Dr. Allen. She is a petite little girl weighing in at 23 lbs. 12 oz. and is 33 inches long. She had to get one shot but did very well and doesn't need any shots for 2 years! I know I'm excited about that. She was such a good girl so she got a sticker and a sucker and boy was she happy. I got some pointers on how to go about potty training, so let the fun times begin!

Haylee's Birthday Weekend

It seems I've become a once-a-week blogger. My weekdays just aren't very interesting I guess, everything fun happens on the weekends.

We had Haylee's 2nd birthday party on Saturday. Most of the family made it, even Papa Jim and Grandma Kris from Las Vegas! Overall, it went well, but I think Haylee was overwhelmed and we were both exhausted by the end of the day. I think Haylee enjoyed her balloon bouquet and the candy from the pinata the best, and just being able to play with all of her cousins and be spoiled by everyone else. Again, she was terrified of her cupcake which I thought she'd do better with this year since she was all for her cake we took when we got her pictures done. Here are a few pictures of Haylee enjoying (and maybe some of her not enjoying) her special day~

Yesterday was her actual birthday so we took her to Amazing Jake's to celebrate. Grandma Patti and Hannah came too and we all had a blast. Haylee rode the carousel, the train, and the tea cups twice, played games, and even had ate an ice cream cone all by herself. What a fun time- Happy Birthday Babers!