Friday, February 27, 2009

Wildlife World Zoo

On Friday we took Haylee to the Wildlife World Zoo. They have a cute train ride that takes you thru a field full of wild animals. Haylee loved the train ride because a lot of the animals came right up to the train. They were so close we could touch them, except of course, we couldn't because they might attack. They also have a giraffe feeding station which turned out to be the highlight of the day. Haylee loved feeding the giraffes. They have super long, slimy tongues that you just drop the food on.

Haylee's favorite animal is the Zebra. Everytime we'd ask if she wanted to feed the giraffes she's say she wants to feed the zebras. Obviously, we didn't do that.

We also fed some birds. We would hold apples in our hands and they would fly over and land on our hand and eat the apple. Haylee thought it was neat when the bird was eating from Daddy's hand. Then a bird landed on her hand and she freaked-dropped the apple and flung the bird.

They also had the cutest petting zoo with goats, deer, and llamas. Haylee loved to feed and touch each animal and then crack up laughing- until she got bombarded by hungry goats and then she kept yelling, "no, no, noooooooooooo."

Monday, February 23, 2009


The nurse practitioner called me today and told me (not in exact words) that I have a suspicious "solid spot" on my right ovary. She said since it is solid and she can't see thru it, she doesn't know if it's an endometrioma cyst (chocolate cyst) or something else. She scheduled me a consultation with the main doctor who delivered Haylee and said I would need to talk to him about whether he wants to watch it or remove it and if I needed it removed I could schedule surgery at that time.=(

This is the exact same thing I went thru in Aug. 06 and I have to remind myself of that so I don't get too worked up. Last time they freaked me out by saying the same thing about a "suspicious solid spot" and how it could be cancer and I had to get blood work done right away to rule out cancer. Last time they watched it for awhile but after it only continued to grow instead of going away they decided to get it out of there. Only when I went in for surgery he only drained it instead of removing it, but it was a blessing in disguise to have the procedure done because it was then the doctor discovered I had endometriosis. Maybe this time he can clear some of it out when he drains/removes the cyst and I will get pregnant easier. Maybe that is what it will take to get pregnant-I don't know.

I have an appointment next Wednesday so please pray for me. I really hope it's just a cyst (I know that sounds bad) and not something more serious. I hope that if I need surgery that it will go as smoothly as last time and that it will help my chances of getting pregnant. I will keep everyone updated.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

I still have to laugh about the purse. She's a miniature teenager and she's not even 2! When it's time to go somewhere she automatically grabs her purse and runs for the back door saying, "let's go." It cracks me up every time. This purse has provided hours of entertainment.

We introduced Haylee to Girl Scout cookies last night and she loves them. We've had a hard time getting her to eat anything lately but she loves the thin mint cookies. Those should help pack on some pounds!

Once again it was a beautiful day so we enjoyed some time outside. I bought Haylee this new little rake so she could help with yardwork (I wasn't too fond of her using the pooper scooper). She was a big help and even helped Daddy make sure the sprinklers were working so we could start watering the grass again.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Chocolate is My Enemy

So it seems my cyst is back. All I know is that it's around 2.6 cm and the last time I had to have it drained it was more around 4 cm. Of course I'm wondering why the doctor didn't just remove the cyst last time instead of draining it and now I have to deal with it all over again. I remember going in for a follow up ultrasound after the surgery and it was already starting to fill back up but I was pregnant with Haylee so they were just going to watch it. So, who knows if it's been there this whole time or if it just came back again. It's a chocolate cyst which has something to do with my endometriosis. The ultrasound tech did ask what are plans were for more children and I said, "we're trying." She said, "good. That's what the doctor will want." I don't know if she meant that getting pregnant will help the cyst go away or that my time to have children is limited, because when we were leaving she said "well get on the baby making." Followed by, "that right ovary just doesn't look good and I think you'll end up having it removed." I guess that could be years from now, but no one knows. I think they might leave it alone unless it's causing me problems. The Doctor is suppose to call me to let me know where we go from here. I'm going to ask her if this will make it more difficult to get pregnant. I hope not. Haylee wants a little brother.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Renaissance Festival

Admission to the Renaissance Festival- $20.00

Steak on a Stake- $6.00

Haylee choking Mother Goose's Goose- Priceless

Sunday, February 15, 2009


My sister-in-law Kaysi and I have put together an Etsy store. Please check it out! We update our store often with new things so check back often!


For Valentine's Day, Josh & I got our little Valentine a puppy, some M & M's, and a balloon-all of her favorite things. She looked so adorable in her little pigtails- I absolutely love them!!

Since my Mom is the best and watched Haylee for us, Josh and I were able to have a wonderful afternoon/evening together. We went to dinner at Outback which is our favorite restaurant. It was so yummy and we got to splurge more than we usually do. After dinner, we went to see He's Just Not That Into You which was a cute movie. I'm so thankful I have a husband who will go see the chick flicks without complaining. For that, and many other reasons, is why he's one in a million.

When we got back from our little date, Hannah and Haylee exchanged Valentine gifts. Hannah got some yummy chocolates and Haylee got a book. I'm so glad they love each other and get along most of the time.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ring Around The Rosie..........

Nothing too exciting to report this last week. We actually stayed home this past weekend because Josh was at a side job all day Saturday and then Sunday it was cold and rainy. I think I needed to rest a bit since it seems we have a lot going on the rest of the month, oh, and I've caught a little cold. So, here are the highlights of our time at home the past week......

Last Thursday I had the honor of watching little Jake from next door. Hannah and Haylee love to play with him and he's such a nice, well-behaved kid. They were playing ring around the rosie and laughing hysterically.

We introduced Haylee to Filibertos. She seemed to like the rolled taco (which she thought was a chip) and of course, she loved to dip it in sour cream. She's still on the whole dip obsession.

Sunday, Kaysi and Zac came over so Kaysi and I could work on our Etsy store. Haylee absolutely loves to play with Zac and was enjoying rides on her quad with him. Note: she has her purse on her arm because lately she can't go anywhere without her purse!

Haylee has a new favorite. She loves to take a shower. I think it's hilarious to see her standing in the shower with the sprayer because she is so tiny. I just have to laugh. She'll stay in there all day and night if we let her.

So that's all for now. There will be a lot more excitng things to post very soon. No, I'm not pregnant yet but we're working on it!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Suns Game

Last night we went to the Suns game. Like always, Haylee was a good girl and just sat on our lap, clapped, and danced to the music the entire game. If only she could be that good at home! The Suns "killed" the the Kings 129-81!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Busy Weekend

Friday started with a trip to the zoo. I took Hannah along with us since it was her birthday. It was such a beautiful day and we all had a wonderful time. I was so thankful Haylee was a little angel and just enjoyed being in her stroller (most of the time) and looking at the animals.

Saturday morning I had a garage sale with my wonderful neighbor (and friend) Jody. Our community was hosting it and did some wonderful advertising because I've never seen so many people!!! The streets were lined with cars, and there were TONS of people just walking the streets. Together we made almost $200 in under 4 hours-not bad.

Saturday afternoon we went to Hannah's party (she's 3!!!!). It was at the park and again, such beautiful weather. I'm actually thankful we live in Arizona this time of year! Hannah got a lot of cute gifts, but I think her favorite was the Handy Manny tool box we got her. She jumped up on the table and started dancing. She also loved her adorable Wall E cake.

That night Mom and I got to go to the movies (thanks to Josh for watching Haylee girl so I could have a break). We went to see New in Town-very cute movie!

Sunday we had our Super Bowl Party to root for our Cardinals! It was a close game and the Cardinals lost in the end. Maybe next year.

Haylee loved her Cardinals cupcake!!

An opportunity to help.

I came across this wonderful blog thru Mckmama's Blog and wanted everyone to know about this great way to help out. The Decker family has begun their journey to adopt a sweet little girl from Korea. They are holding a raffle to raise money to help with the adoption process and for each ticket sold, you are entered into a drawing for a wonderful prize pack. Please visit the Decker Family blog for more details.