Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Wrap Up

On Sunday (the night before Christmas Eve) we attended a Christmas Eve service at Mission and it was beautifully done. I think my favorite part was the candlelight service. That and being surrounded by family singing Christmas songs. Have I mentioned how much I love our church?

We started a new tradition this year. We did something fun (and Christmas related) every day almost every day for the 12 days leading up to Christmas. This was the game plan-
1- Game Night
2- Celebration of Christmas at Phoenix First Assembly
3- Breakfast with Santa at Legacy
4- Make Candy with Candy Molds
5- Write a Letter to Santa
6- Make Santa Picture Ornaments
7- Make Christmas Cards with Grandma
8- Make Cookies with Mommy Just did this tonight!
9- Go Looking at Christmas Lights
10- Make a Gingerbread House Attempted this tonight too!
11- Craft
12- Open Christmas Eve Present
Sickness took over our house so we weren't able to do everything we planned but we got to most of it eventually.
And before I forget, my sweet friend in Iowa, Lance, took Christmas decor I sent him to my Dad's grave for me again this year. I appreciate it more than you know Lance!!!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Whole Christmas Shebang!

Christmas Eve was spent with Josh's family this year.
We all gathered at Kaysi's where we ate dinner and the kids opened gifts.
The girls loved their new diner Kaysi gave them!
Sadly, I started getting a headache as we were leaving which turned into a migraine by the time we got home. I was so sad because all I could do is lay in bed trying to fall asleep and not puke. Poor Josh was up past midnight putting last minute things together, putting all the presents under the tree, tagging Santa gifts and putting those where they go, filling stocking etc. I was so sad to miss out on all of it. But alas, Santa made it to our house!!!
Something must be wrong with our girls because they both slept in and we had to wake Natalee up at 9am. Which worked out because we wanted to wait for my Mom to show up before we opened gifts. It's just funny because usually kids wake up super early and run out to the tree to see all the presents. Not our girls.
As they cautiously came downstairs they were silent, just looking around taking it all in. Josh broke the silence by showing them how they are suppose to jump around with excitement and scream because they got new bikes. It was hilarious! First thing they did was put on their helmet and get right on their new bike.
Natalee was just the cutest thing in her helmet!!!

About that time Grandma came over and they couldn't wait another minute to open presents.
They opened all the presents from Mommy and Daddy...
and all the presents from Santa...
They opened gifts from each other...
I'm pretty sure the bandaids and gummy bears Haylee gave Natalee were her favorite gift.
And finally, they opened gifts from Papa Jim and Grandma Kris...

Then it was time to open stockings. Haylee got a lot of craft stuff, Hello Kitty necklace, a belt, candy etc. Natalee only cared about her Krabby Patties. She did get a book, a Minnie journal, stickers, tattoos and more fun stuff also.
A couple hours later it was time for round 3 with my family!
Haylee got the biggest kick out of this fart book. She was dying laughing!
I was very spoiled this year. Josh got me the new Nikkor 50mm lens, a Target gift card, a coupon book (he knows me well) and a gift certificate to have a stuffed dog made that looks just like Jackson. I can't wait to send in his pictures and see what they create!
I got Josh a gift certificate for laser hair removal (for his face/neck), cologne, new hair trimmers and gift certificates to his favorite restaurants.
We had a wonderful Christmas this year. But like every other day something was missing. There was an emptiness in my heart. Not a day goes by that I don't think about my sweet boy and miss him so much!