Friday, July 31, 2009

Here's your My Sign!

I'm hoping this is my sign anyways! This is what I saw when I opened my mailbox yesterday.

And last time I checked, my 2 year old doesn't drink formula. Neither does she wear diapers because she is completely potty trained you know, HA! Ok, so maybe I could use the diaper coupons, but I definitely don't know why I got formula coupons in the mail.

And in other news, Haylee has a new favorite past time, scooping beans. Hey, it kept her busy for a long time. I knew my expired food storage would come in handy someday!

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Friday night we took Haylee to eat at the Rainforest Cafe. She always loves to eat with all the animals. The atmosphere is awesome, I just wish the food was as good. Or at least more reasonable, but we had a coupon this time for $10 off so it wasn't bad. After dinner Haylee rode the carousel (yes, she's addicted) and then we walked around for awhile.

Haylee is at this age where she can be such a joy to be around but sometimes she snaps without warning. So far, all craziness has been contained to our house (or car). While out and about she is so happy, well behaved, and just enjoying life with Mommy & Daddy. I love our family time right before bed when we watch a short movie with her, just the three four of us. I almost forgot about Jackson. Then I brush her teeth and we practice her colors, and Josh reads to her and puts her to bed. We're a team! She's growing up way too fast. She talks so much and is the smartest little girl ever. She also has a wonderful memory and remembers the little things. We love our little girl so much.

Josh and I are still trying for baby #2. I'm starting Femara this month because it doesn't seem to be happening natural for us. Technically July was only our 3rd-4th month of unsuccessfully trying but I figured the doctor gave me the prescription for a reason and I should take it. Putting my fears aside, I'm hoping to conceive ONE healthy baby.

That's about all the news around here. Well, and that I'm upset about the Bachelorette finale last night. I get too involved with that and the Bachelor and I feel so bad for the ones who get their heart broke. I was totally rooting for Kipton but I hear he'll be the new Bachelor so that excites me.

Oh, and Josh and I get to see our Cirque Du Soleil show this Saturday so we're looking forward to that. This sitting in the house all day because it's too hot to go anywhere is for the birds.

Keith Urban Concert


Last night was a blast! Mom and I started the night eating at Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville and ended the night with raspy voices from screaming all night. Keith Urban was amazing and is a wonderful performer.

And this one's for Linda...

While we were at the concert Haylee and Josh had a little Daddy-Daughter night out. My mom said Haylee's gonna want me to leave more often because she had so much fun. Josh took her to the mall to ride the carousel twice, see the puppies at the pet store and eat dinner. Then they went to Chuck-E-Cheese to play some games and stopped at Bahama Bucks before heading home. I'm glad she was such a good girl and had a wonderful time with her Daddy.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Bare Necessities

We took Haylee to see The Jungle Book at Broadway Palm the Saturday before we went to Las Vegas. Ever since then, we have all been singing the songs and can't get them out of our head! I wanna walk like you, talk like you, whoo hoo hoo! So yesterday I burned Haylee a copy of Jungle Book 1 & 2 and it's her new favorite. We've watched it 5 times already and her favorite part is when Baloo & Mowgli dance together and sing bare necessities. Not that she sits still to watch that part. (I love how she sings along and attempts to say bare necessities).

I think it's impossible for Haylee to sit still when music is on!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Haylee's Request

At least once a day we hear Haylee's request. Often, at the most random times and mostly when we're not even on the subject. Like this morning when I was hugging her, she shared her request with me. Each time I reply, I know baby, we're trying. Haylee might think this is any easy request, something that we can just go to the store and get her. Sadly, for me it is anything but easy.

So now you can see what I see each day, and it breaks my heart. She sounds so adorable (and has the cheesiest grin).

Monday, July 20, 2009

Our Laid Back Weekend

We started the weekend by taking Haylee to Chuck-E-Cheese. She had a blast and has been talking about it ever since. We ate pizza, played games, Haylee went on rides, and then when we were leaving, the worse funnest thing happened. Chuck-E-Cheese came right up to Haylee. She is scared of "costumed people" these days and you could tell she was scared to death. He was trying to get her to give him five. After the longest minute in history, Haylee quickly gave him five so he'd be gone. I think she realized he wasn't so bad and she keeps talking about how she gave Chuck-E-Cheese five and said Hi. She cracks us up!

Saturday Josh worked half of the day so Haylee and I did stuff around the house. That night Josh and I went out to eat at Serrano's then to see I Love You Beth Cooper for our date night. That movie was pretty lame but we're not Harry Potter fans and nothing else looked good.

Sunday was a day of rest. Josh got caught up on much needed sleep and I got important things done was on Farm Town most of the day. That game is so darn addicting, and I wish I never got started.

There you have it. Not much excitement around here. Until Saturday that is, when Mom and I will be drooling over this....

Friday, July 17, 2009

Haylee's Haircut

If you didn't noticed from the Vegas pictures, Haylee got a haircut. A nice, cooler, summer cut. I chopped off quite a bit actually but we think it looks adorable. Just don't ask about how perfectly still she was for me why we ended up at Great Clips. Which, by the way, she was perfectly still for the lady there and ended up with a perfect haircut!

Viva Las Vegas

What a trip. Going to Vegas this past week was one of the most difficult vacations I've been on. It's one of those vacations where you need a vacation after that vacation.

Starting off, I hate the Dam. We were in Dam traffic for over an hour barely moving. And if that's not bad enough, my mom's air conditioner went out. So we got to drive for about 2 hours with no air, it's 110+ outside and we have 2 toddlers with bright red faces and we were all trying not to die of heat stroke. So that's how the "vacation" started. (We did get the air fixed the next morning which cost $1300 because the compressor had went out).

Not sure if I'll ever want to go thru the Dam again, especially after the new "bridge" is done.

After we got to our resort, cooled off, unpacked, and took a nap, we headed out for the night. First up on the agenda, Circus Circus. We went to the Adventure Dome first where Haylee and Hannah rode the carousel, the hot air balloons, the school bus, and Haylee's favorite, the mini himalaya. She laughed so hard and had her arms up in the air-it was hilarious! Then my mom and I rode the awesome roller coaster, and my niece Danielle and I rode the water ride. Fun Times! After that, we went to the midway to play games, win stuffed animals, and watch circus acts. Haylee loved to "fish" and won a teddy bear.

Because it's so hot we wanted to spend our mornings by the pool or staying inside and then go out at night. And that we did. Except Haylee didn't get the memo that when you stay out till 1am you don't continue to wake up at 8am. That was the problem. Lack of sleep = cranky Haylee. Major reason I need a vacation from this vacation.

With cranky Haylee in tow, we headed out for our 2nd night on the town. We started at the Venetian where we were gonna do the gondola rides, but after seeing it was $18 a person (and the kids had to pay too) we decided not to.

So, we continued on to the Flamingo to see the little pink guys, and then went to Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville which is always a Vegas favorite. I love their ginormous nachos, and Haylee did too!

After dinner we were off to Caesar's Palace to check out the aquarium and go to the huge toy store, FAO Schwartz. Haylee loves aquariums and had several "friends" she got down on her tummy and talked to.

Tuesday morning we decided to get up and go to the Silverton Casino because they have a huge aquarium that Haylee loves. We walked around Bass Pro Shops too and the girls enjoyed touching looking at all the animals.

After a 2 1/2 hour nap, my good little Haylee was finally back! We started out at the Excalibur that night to play games at the midway. This time the girls played a few games each and had a really fun time.

Then we were off to MGM to see the lions. We got to see 2 lions, but then they put them away (I think to rotate them) so we headed over to M & M World. 4 stories with all things M & M, and Haylee was just excited she got her picture with the yellow M & M even though she was "scared" of him.

After all that excitement, we went to New York New York to eat at the ESPN restaurant which we are in love with (eat there in Anaheim too). We finished the night off on Fremont Street where we went to the ABC store for souvenirs.

So it was an exhausting vacation to say the least. But we're home, safe and everyone survived. The best part of the ride home...

And what's next? I need a vacation from that vacation now!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July Fun

We had a fun 3 day weekend although we didn't do much. Friday we took Haylee to see Ice Age 3 but left 1/2 way through because Haylee wanted nothing to do with that movie. It was almost sold out so we had to sit down front and I think it was too loud and she couldn't see well. That night my mom watched Haylee girl and Josh and I went out to dinner and then shopping.

Saturday, we went to Dustin's to swim and BBQ for the 4th. It was so hot and the water felt so nice! Later in the evening we went to a church down the street that was having fireworks. Luckily we found a parking spot and a spot to put our blanket down. Their fireworks were great and we all had a blast.

Next weekend my Mom, Hannah, Haylee and I head to Vegas for 4 days. I'm excited and need to start getting things together.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Prayer Request

Please pray for this sweet family~

This 5 year old girl was taken to Phoenix Childrens Hospital Monday (6/29) with tremors in her hand and a couple hours later her parents were told she has a brain tumor. After a PET scan today they were told "it's malignant and aggressive and not completely operable." She will go into surgery Friday to have as much of the tumor they feel safe removed.

My heart breaks for this family.