Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cyst > Baby

I had my ultrasound today to make sure everything is ok after my extreme pain last week. The good news is the baby looks good, we saw a heart beat and we even saw it moving around. It is amazing what you can see at just 9 weeks. The baby is measuring 2.39 cm and had a heart rate of 176 which will obviously go down soon. The bad news is the pain was one of my cyst bursting, but the other remaining cyst is almost 4cm. So, my cyst is bigger than out baby. Like always, we will just keep an eye on things. Dr. Huff doesn't like my ovary to get too big because it could cause a tear so if he has to he'll go in and drain/remove it while I'm pregnant but hopefully he won't have to.

I was also informed my doctor office might be getting a batch of the swine flu shots so I should be able to get one on my next appointment. I have to wait to get that and the regular flu shot till after I'm 12 weeks, but both are highly recommended since I'm high risk being pregnant and all. This flu season is gonna make me a wreck!

And last but not least, here is a picture of our little baby!

Thursday, September 17, 2009


from the blogging world that is, and just about everything else. I've been confined in my house just praying for a bit of relief among the storm.

Last week was a very difficult week for me and I hope this week is a lot better. As if the nausea isn't bad enough, last Wednesday things got worse. I woke up to an extremely whiny Haylee and knew it was gonna be a difficult day. After breakfast I started the dishes and managed to shatter a glass in my hand causing a nice gash and several little cuts. After one look I knew I had to call my neighbor before I passed out. Luckily she was home and came to my rescue. When this happened, I lost it. I called Josh is tears because I just felt horrible and couldn't handle anything else. Being the wonderful husband he is, Josh left work to come home to be with his poor wife who was ready to have a nervous breakdown. After he got home, things were calm for awhile until Haylee decided to pee her pants and it went all over the carpet. Just when I thought I couldn't take one more thing. It was just one of those days, when it rains in pours. I was glad to go to bed that night and put that day behind me. Except the next day wasn't much better. I woke up to extreme pain in my entire mid section. Not exactly the pain you want early in your pregnancy. Needless to say, I called my neighbor again and after awhile the pain went away. I had a doctor appointment that day so I did mention the pain, but she thought is was more related to the darn ol' cyst then the baby so I have an ultrasound this Wednesday to make sure things are okay. I also got a prescription for nausea which I think works sometimes, and I survived getting my blood taken which I absolutely dread, but of course my veined rolled the first time so I had to get poked twice. Just my luck.

We ended up having a busy weekend but I survived and felt good most of the time. Saturday we went to Drew's 3rd Birthday party, then went to Az Mills to get Haylee's Halloween costume, ride the carousel and eat ice cream. Sunday we spent the morning at my Mom's helping her around the house and then we had a Birthday party for Dustin & Jen that evening. We got to spend time with both sides of the family this weekend and it was wonderful.

I'm looking forward to this week hopefully being uneventful and I'm thankful for any relief I get from my nausea right now. To keep my mind off things, I decided to start planning our trip to Disneyland & Sea World which is now happening sooner than we thought thanks to baby #2 arriving in May.

I'll leave you with a sneak peak of Haylee's costume. She is going to be the cutest Nemo ever!

Monday, September 14, 2009

What a Blessing!

There is something to be said when the highlight of my day today is Haylee going #2 in the big girl potty! Or maybe it was the fact I didn't loose my lunch cleaning it up since I'm extremely nauseous, either way, less than 1 week from starting round 2 of potty training and I think it's safe to say Haylee is trained! Only one accident since we started, going in the bathroom on her own when she has to go, filling up the potty sticker chart with 40 stickers, waking up with dry diapers, going at stores and restaurants, and lastly, the big #2 which I thought would take forever to get her to go in the potty. But like Josh and I have always said, Haylee is so good with change and she adapts so well. I couldn't be more proud of my little girl. What a Blessing!

This weekend was pretty low key once again. I haven't felt well enough to do much. Josh and I did go out with Jake (Josh's brother) and Merida Saturday night to Lucille's for dinner. I wonder if the server could tell we were both pregnant since we both ordered the feast (salad, 2 kinds of ribs, 1/2 a chicken, tri tip, 2 sides, and peach cobbler for dessert). Of course we did share with our husbands but we ate our fair share, and then some. Their food is so yummy and I barely felt nauseous the whole night. What a Blessing! After dinner we went to see All About Steve with Sandra Bullock-it was pretty cute.

Josh has been so helpful with me not feeling well. He did all the laundry this weekend, the dishes, and basically cleaned the entire house while I tried not to vomit stayed on the couch taking it easy. He has always helped out around the house, but because I always keep up on the majority of the house work, he usually just has the yard and garbage to take care of. It felt so nice to not have to worry about all the laundry this morning when I woke up because Josh had it taken care of (ahead of schedule). I'm so thankful for all he does to help me out. What a Blessing!

But that's just half of it, he is wonderful with Haylee too. Every night (before I was even sick) he gives Haylee a bath, reads to her, and puts her to bed. That is their bonding time since she's with me all day. Since I haven't been feeling well and she seems to be extra snooty, Josh has been helping out more with her so I can take it easy. Haylee has this little attitude that needs to disappear quick, before I go crazy. Her favorite word is "NO!" and she freaks out if you don't sit where she wants you to, or put on the movie she wants etc. We try to tell her to calm down because half the time we don't know what she wants because she is freaking out and we can't understand what she's saying. So dealing with Haylee and her attitude has been very difficult lately.

On Saturday, Josh asked Haylee what she wanted to do that day and Haylee replied, "I want a baby sister." I thought that was cute, but she has a long wait for that! I asked her yesterday what she wanted for Christmas and got the same response, getting closer, but still has a few months after Christmas to wait also.

So as I move along being only 7 weeks and 1 day pregnant (but who's counting) I look forward to the day I feel less nauseous. Until then, I'm thankful to just be pregnant. What a Blessing!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Random Ramblings & Weekend Fun

Our weekend was mostly relaxing. We did adventure out Saturday to Amazing Jake's since they were having all day unlimited buffet, rides and games for $16.99. We stayed for over 5 hours and had a blast! Haylee was in Heaven since she got to ride the carousel about 5 times, as well as the train, tea cups, cars with Daddy, and the mini himalaya with Mommy. I love to see her big ol' smile when she is having a good time.

We also bowled which was a first for Haylee. We helped her take the ball up to the line and toss it, but the second it left her fingers her foot kicked out like she was trying to kick it. As she watched the ball go down the lane she'd continue to kick her foot out and say, "go, go!" She was so proud of herself and would clap her hands and cheer.

I think one of her favorite things to do at Amazing Jake's is eat her own ice cream cone. She only likes the ice cream for a little bit then starts eating the cone from the bottom. She's a silly girl.

That was pretty much our weekend. That and shopping for more stuff to begin my 200+ Christmas card project!

Some random tidbits I wanted to add-

*We have started round 2 of Potty Training. I don't think I would have started again this quick if I didn't have an 8 month urgency to get her trained. She did great today though and went twice in the big girl potty and didn't even go in her diaper during nap time. One time she actually emptied her entire bladder in the potty (opposed to starting in the hall and then yelling, "mommy I have to go potty!" as she makes a trail to the potty). Potty training has proved to be the biggest challenge yet, and we still have to switch her to a big girl bed!

*Haylee has become our little squirrel lately. She has started packing her food in her cheek and keeps it there for awhile. I'm not sure why she does this but she now refers to herself as a squirrel too.

*I absolutely love to listen to Haylee on the monitor when it's time for bed or when she first wakes up. She just talks up a storm and goes over everything we did that day, or even a couple days before. I just crack up listening to her. After coming home from a birthday party last weekend she sang happy birthday for an hour before falling asleep. After going to Amazing Jake's she recites- I go on the carousel, train, tea cups, eat pizza, ice cream, got ball, bracelet, sucker, ducky........The OCD is starting already and she's only 2!!! Poor little girl.

*Lastly, I have to mention this because I think Jackson is one of a kind. I think he knows my frustration with his hair all over because he sees me constantly cleaning, vacuuming, dusting etc. So now every time I get the vacuum out (usually 3 times a week) he'll come stand next to me and wag his tail so that I'll take to hose and run it over his back to get the loose hair. Nothing like getting to the root of the problem!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Singin' Playin' in the Rain

It's too bad it doesn't rain more in AZ because it's so much fun to play in the rain and enjoy the cooler temps! This was the first time Haylee actually ran around in the rain and she also had fun hiding under her Mickey umbrella.

So I'm already having a couple symptoms this pregnancy that I didn't have last time. I'll save the details, but for one, I don't remember being this tired. Usually every day I lay down when I put Haylee down for a nap and I'm out! I'm definitely not complaining. I'm just happy to be pregnant and happy I'm not sick, knock on wood!