Sunday, February 27, 2011

My buddy and me...

My buddy
My buddy
My buddy and me!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

10 Months

In just 2 short months my baby Natalee will be 1 year old!

She weighs right around 22 lbs.

Natalee likes to spend most of her days standing up. She'll pull herself up onto anything and everything. She likes to walk along holding onto things and is constantly getting into stuff. Typical exploring baby!

Some things to remember~

*Wears a size 3 diaper.

*Wears 9 months clothes although they are getting tight.

*No longer an army crawler. She crawls on all 4's.

*She has 4 teeth!

*Sadly, she has her 2nd ear infection.

*She claps her hands really good. If we clap and say "yay Natalee" she claps her hands.

*Has been opening and closing her hands a lot more as to say bye bye.

*Loves to play in Jackson's water bowl, try to eat his dog food, and contantly plays with and looks out of his dog door.

*We have to close all the doors downstairs and put a gate up at the stairs because she is into everything and has started crawling up the stairs.

*She needs a helmet. This poor little girls is contantly falling and getting hurt. She seems to always have a bruise on her head in one place or another and she has had several bloody lips. I can't remember Haylee getting hurt so much.

*Says "mama", "baba" and "bubba" but no "dada" yet.

*Hates getting her diaper changed or getting dressed.

*Still nurses in the morning. Eats mostly table foods, and some baby food. Her favorite food right now is grapes. She also likes steamed carrots sliced up and baby goldfish.

*Drinks 6-8 oz. bottles between eating "real" food.

*Sleeping 11-12 hours at night. Goes to bed at 8pm and wakes up between 7-8am. Lay her down with her bear bear, binkie and blanket. Turn on her night light and crib music and shut her door. She usually goes right to sleep.
*Her naps have been awesome the past few weeks. She'll take a morning nap about 2-2 1/2 hours after waking up. She usually sleeps 1-1 1/2 hours. Her afternoon nap is about 3 hours from her morning nap and she sleeps 2 hours, sometimes longer.

*Such a happy baby. Always smiling and laughing except when her teeth coming in are bothering her.

*Loves to play with Haylee and crawl around chasing her.

*Loves baths but is constantly standing up and I have to keep sitting her down.

*Her hair is getting thicker and longer. I love it.

*Loves to dance to music and rock back and forth. We call it jammin' out.

*Shakes her head yes and no.

Natalee, you are the sweetest little baby. I love how chubby and adorable you are. You are so happy and I just love to squeeze you. Thank you for being such a good girl and sleeping so good for Mommy. I can't believe you're gonna be 1 year old in just 2 short months. I love you so much and I'm so thankful to be your Mommy!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Sick, Stockpile & Stayin' In

The title pretty much sums up our past week. I woke up last Friday with a sore throat and I've been sick ever since. I hate being sick. As of today, I think I might have finally kicked it. Unfortunately, Haylee has a little cold now and baby N was up at 3am Wednesday morning screaming. Turns out she has an ear infection. I have never seen her so miserable. That was the roughest night we've had around here in awhile. Luckily, Natalee feels so much better, and she would be 100% if it weren't for her painful upper teeth coming in. Haylee acts fine, bouncing off the walls and all, she just sounds congested. So with the exception of taking Natalee to the doctor Wednesday, we've been in the house since last weekend. Talk about cabin fever. I did escape tonight finally to run some errands, but I'm hiding the girls inside for awhile. The biggest bummer, our Oak Creek getaway had to be postponed for 3 weeks. I just couldn't leave the girls when they aren't feeling 100%.

Since it was rainy last Saturday and Sunday I decided to clean out my pantries and organize my stockpile. I was running out of room for all my food and I needed to rearrange things to make everything fit. The joy of couponing. My current savings so far this year is $1440.47. That includes every trip to Fry's, Bashas, Albertson's, Safeway, CVS or Walgreen's that I have used coupons along with sales. I say that's pretty darn awesome.

I have 17 boxes of unopened cereal along with enough oatmeal, cocoa and cookie mix to last a lifetime. I have stockpiled salsa, Ragu, salad dressing, bbq sauce, terriyaki sauce, A1, sugar, peanut butter, Chex Mix, brownie mix and muffin mix. Macaroni & cheese, dog treats, drinks (sobe, vitaminwater, gatorade, powerade, soda), paper towels, napkins, Hefty one zip bags, disposable plates and plastic cups. Aluminum foil, dishwasher detergent, kleenex, tp, Clorox wipes, hand soap, 15 bottles of Wisk and baby wipes. And that's just downstairs. My mom said my pantry looks like the grocery store, just better stocked!

Upstairs I've stockpiled shampoo, condtioner, deoderant, toothpaste, toothbrushes, chapstick, lotion, razors, bar soap, diapers, and Scrubbing Bubbles to name a few things.

Next up, I plan on stockpiling fabric softener as I have about 7 coupons for $3/1 Gain and Walmart has it for $3.26 I believe.

I share a lot of what I buy with my brother. Afterall, I wouldn't be able to get the quantities I do without his help getting me all my coupon inserts. I also share a lot of cat food and treats with my sister and mom. You'd think I have 10 cats with all the free treats and food I get! (I don't have any) Last weekend I was able to get 7-4.5lb bags of Science Diet dog food for free at Petsmart with coupons. Jackson doesn't eat that food (neither is he a small or toy breed), but my sister or the pet shelter could sure use it. I would never have thought I could get so many things for free. I am so thankful I found Sheryl's site, it has truly changed my life.

And that's what we've have been up to! Now it's time for another cold, rainy weekend, but this time I need to get out and get some fresh air. Oh, and hit Fry's to stock my freezer now with lot's of food!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Big Brown Eyes

Oh how I love this sweet little girl.

Although she has an attitude at times and can be a little brat, she can also be such a big helper and the sweetest big sister. I am so proud of how far Haylee has come with Natalee. She really loves her sister. Loves playing with her, taking a bath with her and watching out for her. I am blessed.

I am thankful I have been blessed with 2 beautiful little girls. That is about all I can handle for now though. I had a HUGE scare over the weekend and thought I was pregnant. Every scenario imaginable was going through my head. I was a bit scared to say the least. That's what happens when I'm 3 days late. Time to call the doctor to see about some I am not ready for another child quite yet pills!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

V Day

We celebrated Valentine's Day all weekend. Mostly because Haylee thought it was Valentine's Day all weekend! This is our holiday celebration in pictures.

Saturday we went to the Queen Creek Farmer's Market. Haylee got an apron and a potted flower from the Home Depot booth. I asked the "plant" guy how to "care" for her plant. He says "I don't know." Nice...neither do I.

Saturday night the girls exchanged Valentine's gifts. Hannah gave Haylee & Natalee stuffed animals, and Grandma gave the girls candy.

Haylee & Natalee made cookies and cards for Hannah & Grandma and also gave Grandma a key chain with a picture of both of them on it! All 3 girls were happy.

On Sunday the girls made Valentine's Day cookies with Grandma. She put the frosting on,

and the girls decorate them.

Oh, and ate them too!

Haylee made Josh and I both a card and a cookie. She is our sweet little girl.

On Monday, Josh went by Paradise Bakery to pick up the cookie we ordered for the girls and then stopped to get each of them a balloon.

After being told not to buy me anything Josh still came home with flowers and a card. He is a sweet hubby.

Natalee loves her balloon,

and Haylee loves my flowers!

I put a few flowers in a vase for her and she put them in her room.

Jackson loves his Froggy!

We had a wonderful Valentine's weekend at our house, but I'm really looking forward to a weekend away just Josh and I. Seems like it has been so long since the 2 of us had a vacation. This will be the first time we've left Natalee over night and I am so sad. I'm thankful my Mom is watching the girls for us and I hope they behave for Grandma! I'm sure gonna miss my crazy lil' sweethearts.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Mother Jr

Haylee has been very protective of Natalee lately. She does so good at asking if Natalee can play with certain things, and taking things away from Natalee if she is playing with something she shouldn't be. I'm constantly seeing her take the little cap things off the door stoppers (whichever ones we still have in place) because she knows Natalee will put those in her mouth.

Yesterday I was cleaning our glass table with windex and Haylee said, "Mom, make sure you don't get that in Natalee's face." I told her I was very proud of her for always looking out for her sister and asking what she can play with and just protecting her. Haylee said, "can she play with that bib?" (because Natalee was standing by the table) and I told her she could, but I prefer she only play with things that are clean, and not dirty. Haylee then asked, "so can she play with clean underwear?" Nice.

Last week while Josh was working on the golf cart Haylee was outside nurturing this little plant she found. She was giving it a bath, wrapping it up in a blanket and letting it sit in the sun. She cracks me up. Too bad the next day was the record high of 44 degrees and that night was super freezing. Poor little plant bit the dust.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Natalee's 9 Month Pictures

When did my baby girl get so big?

She is absolutely beautiful.

I love her chubby cheeks.

She is such a happy baby.

This is her new "blowing raspberries" face.

Oh, I could just eat her up!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Jane Seymour

Tonite Josh and I attended a screening for the new movie Waiting For Forever (which opens this weekend). We were told to be there 30-60 minutes early because they overbook the theater to make sure it's full. Well we got there exactly an hour early, but barely made it in. We stood outside while they let this line of people go in and when we got to the door they stopped us and said most likely there is no more room and we would have to leave. Well, then this guy comes up and announces it's booked but that Jane Seymour will have a little question and answer with us. We got to talk to her and her husband (James Keach) who directed the movie, and then I asked for her autograph and Josh took a picture of us (we were outside and it was dark, hence the crappy lighting) with his cell phone.

Mostly everyone that was turned away had left by this point. Jane told me that they had reserved 3 seats for her and that she wouldn't actually be sitting in them so she was sure I could have them!!! She asked the Harkins lady to double check on the seating. The lady came back and said 10 more people could come in!! Sweet. We just made it in.

Anyways, great movie, had awesome seats, and they did a long question and answer after the movie. Jane is so sweet and has the cutest accent. When they first mentioned her name I thought "why is she here?" Well she was the executive producer. Although I knew the name, I couldn't put a face to it. She is obviously most known as Dr. Michaela "Mike" Quinn in the TV series Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, but when I got home I looked her up to see what else she has been in that I would know her better. She was in Wedding Crashers and also appeared on the 5th season of Dancing With The Stars.

Woo hoo, a little touch of Hollywood!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Party Day

Saturday was our party day. Haylee and I went to Cami's baby shower in the morning.

Cami & Justin (Josh's little brother) are expecting little Hunter next month.

We played games, ate yummy food and watch Cami open cute baby boy stuff. We had a fun time!

Saturday afternoon we went to Sam's (my niece) birthday party.

It's so hard to believe she is 17 already. I remember when she was born. Of course I was only 10, but I still remember her as a baby. How time flies...

Speaking of time flying, baby Natalee got her 3rd tooth yesterday. Oh, and our new entertainment around here is chasing Haylee around the house with Natalee in a stroller.

I say "a" stroller because it's not her stroller, but who needs to spend a lot of money on a fancy stroller when we can use Haylee's doll stroller?