Friday, December 31, 2010

2010...Looking back

Wow, what a year! When I think about 2010 I think about how blessed we have been. I think about welcoming our 2nd daughter into the world and how our lives have forever changed. It's funny how neither Josh or I can remember life before we had kids. Everything changes when you have children and all we know now is life with our 2 girls.

Here's a little summary of how we spent 2010-

January I spent being 6 months pregnant. Jim & Kris came to visit us, we took Haylee to Disney on Ice, we went to Justin & Cami's reception and survived the tornado scare of 2010. Arizona was declared a state of emergency as storms ripped through dumping tons of rain. We attended Sam's 16th Birthday party and Hannah's 4th Birthday party.

February was spent going to the zoo, the library, and various appointments (OB., Ortho., Dentist). I had a girls night out and went to see Dear John, Josh took Haylee to see Fantastic Mr. Fox, and we celebrated Valentine's Day going to Outback and to a movie. We took Haylee to see Dogs Gone Wild and made treasure box kits to receive free Disneyland tickets. We also attended Danielle's 15th Birthday party.

March brought more appointments (getting things done before Natalee arrives), time at the zoo and library, Jackson's surgery (mass removal) and a low fluid scare which ended up being nothing and Natalee was perfectly fine. We went to the Ostrich Festival, Little Mermaid at Broadway Palm and celebrated Jackson's 8th Birthday. I displayed my crafts at a local Farmer's Market, we took Haylee to Reid Park zoo, and Haylee went to the dentist for the 1st time.

April was by far the most exciting month. Our sweet little Natalee joined our family on the 26th. Prior to her arrival, we took Haylee to Disney on Ice, went shopping for last minute baby items, and celebrated Easter. I had another girls night out and went to see The Last Song, got my braces off, and me and Haylee got haircuts. I enjoyed a pedicure, made freezer dinners, and survived labor and delivery. What a relief to finally have our little girl here, safe and healthy.

May was a blur. Lack of sleep, trying to find a routine and survive on my own with 2 kids.  The first week I was so sick-mastitis. Not sure how I survived that one. Celebrated our 7th Anniversary, Mother's day, and Josh's 28th Birthday. Went to dinner with Steve and Kaysi, had an open house to show off our new little bundle of joy, and took the girls to see the new Shrek. Went to Timmy's 12th Birthday party and spent Memorial Day with Josh's family.

June was birthday month around here. Famous Dave's, cake and ice cream, and Outback and a movie for me. Postpartum check up, baby wearing, and Haylee's 3rd Birthday. Presents, fun and a giant cupcake for Haylee. Marmaduke, Toy Story 3, Charlotte's Web at Broadway Palm and Chuck E Cheese. Father's Day, Doctor appointments for both girls, the circus, and spending time with Roxie and family.

July we headed to Vegas for the 4th, went to Danny & Beka's for a BBQ, and had a blast at Dave & Buster's. Hibernated (since it was 116 degrees), blessed our little girl, and went to Jester'z. Spent time in our baby pool, hit the slip and slide, introduced to and became a bargain girl.

August was busy as always. Took the girls to JCP for pictures, Josh started P90x, went to Zac's 8th Birthday party, enjoyed the Monsoon season, and rocked all the stores with my new bargain girl "itelligence". Mom, Sam, me and the girls spent a couple days in Sedona, Natalee got her ears pierced, and I hit the summer clearance at Kohl's. Dentist appointments, date night, Mom's Birthday, Jake's Birthday Party, and Sunsplash with tickets Josh won.

September seemed to be more of a laid back month for us. Haylee flew her kite at the park, Natalee started rollin' over, and we went to Princess Night at Chick-Fil-A. We went to Drew's 4th Birthday party, packed up the potty chair, got Haylee's Halloween costume, and taught I Haylee how to cut coupons.

October was ouchy month. I had all 4 wisdom teeth removed. Jim and Kris came into town, date night, Suns game, and time at the zoo. Haylee is in the "no cavity club", my baby turned 6 months old, and we went to the fair. Pumpkin patch, hay ride, petting animals and decorating pumpkins at Mother Nature's Farm. Beauty and the Beast at Gammage, Cowgirl Night at Chick-Fil-A, Trunk-Or-Treat and Trick-Or-Treating. Pumpkins, Ariel and Sebastian Costumes, and plenty of candy!

November Josh had his last 2 wisdom teeth removed, Legoland, Disneyland , and Cirque Du Soleil. Pulte Building Systems is going under, rocked Fry's, yummy food for Thanksgiving. Black Friday, decorating for Christmas and watching both girls grow up way too fast.

December we spent time in Sedona. 9 years of being together, Aladdin at Broadway Palm, baking, and Christmas lights. Santa Claus, presents, toys and laughter. Wonderful Christmas with our family and a laid back New Year's Eve at home.

What a busy year! And that wasn't even everything. 2010 was a good year. Natalee joining our family was definitely the highlight of the year. Josh learning he will be without a job in April was the worse. But, I'll take that as the worse anytime. At least we are all alive and healthy.

Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


This Christmas I was just thankful we were all healthy and able to enjoy all the festivities.

Our Christmas Eve with Josh's side of the family was postponed since a couple people had the flu. We stayed home and let the girls open their present from Papa Jim and Grandma Kris as well as one present from us. They both received Madame Alexander dolls from Papa.

Haylee opened her pj's, Ariel bath doll and Ariel spin brush from us.

Natalee opened her pj's, Christmas blankie and teddy from us.

She wasn't too sure about opening her gifts. She was more interested in the wrapping paper.

After opening gifts, Haylee girl put out some cookies for Santa and then it was bedtime.

Haylee was concerned about Santa coming again this year. She wanted to make sure he wasn't going to come upstairs in her room. I told her he just comes in the front door, leaves the gifts by the tree and leaves. One thing I realized, Josh and I need to perfect our "Santa" skills because we were way to noisy. Luckily both girls were fast asleep within minutes (and stayed asleep) so we were able to get everything set out and ready for morning.

Christmas morning Haylee came in our room and went over to Josh's side of the bed. I heard, "Daddy? Daddy? Merry Christmas." The cutest thing ever! Then she saw me wake up and said "Merry Christmas Mommy." Both girls we up a little after 7am. We went downstairs and Haylee saw her Princess table and chairs and all the presents. She immediately went to get coloring books and crayons to color.

I made some cinnamon rolls and then it was present time.

The girls opened gifts from Santa and gifts from us.

They're not spoiled are they?

I asked Haylee what her favorite present was and she said, "I love all my presents." It was cute because when she'd open a gift she's say, "I always wanted this. Thank you so much." She really liked her Belle jewelry box, her Princess dolls and her scooter. Natalee liked her Ariel baby doll the best. 

Josh got me the best gift ever. I got 5 envelopes, each with $20, and letters that stated what the money was for...breakfast, pedicure, lunch, movies and dinner. Then the last envelope had a letter stating I get a day out without the girls. "No worries, no changing diapers and no screaming." Woo hoo!!! Hands down best gift ever! Sadly, I'm not that creative. Josh got a canvas of our family picture and a picture frame from the girls.

He also bought himself a few things that I wrapped and put under the tree. I did the same. On Black Friday I bought myself 2 sweaters, a jacket and some slippers. Josh is always so creative and can easily find gifts I love but I am just opposite. I can never think of anything to get him.

After opening presents we opened our stockings. Haylee liked her Ariel panties and Princess pez. Natalee liked all of her bath toys.

Jackson was just happy to have a new baby. He also got some treats and other little squeaky toys along with some tennis balls in his stocking. Is that weird our dog opens gifts and has a stocking? Don't answer that.

After nap time my side of the family came over to our house to have Christmas dinner and open gifts.

More spoiling for the kids, awesome gifts cards for the adults (Thanks Mom).

Jackson was in heaven with his new bone.

We played a round of Apples to Apples then everyone left.

We ended up celebrating Christmas with Josh's family Sunday.

Haylee loved getting money from Grandma and Grandpa Johnson (she bought a Rapunzel doll) and Natalee seemed to like all her gifts. Again, I think she just wanted the bows and wrap.

We had a wonderful Christmas. It's crazy to think last Christmas I was pregnant with baby Natalee and now this Christmas she's 8 months old. I hope she enjoyed her 1st Christmas. She got a lot of cute toys and a couple adorable outfits. She is such a sweet little baby. I'm thankful for both of my little girls.

Monday, December 27, 2010

8 Months

8 Months.....Seriously? How did my sweet little Natalee get so big so fast?!

When we took her to the doctor last week she weighed 20 lbs. and some odd ounces (with her clothes on) so I'd say she's right at 20 lbs. or maybe a little less.

Things to remember-

*Wearing size 3 diapers.
*Wearing 6-9 month clothes.
*Army crawling/scootin' all around. She crawls on her arms and pushes off with her back leg. As soon as she gets onto the tile she starts licking it. Then she goes straight for the door stoppers and plays with those.
*Loves to dance. She rocks back and forth when I say "Go Natalee, Go Natalee." So adorable.
*Got her 1st tooth!

*Got her 1st cold :( And her 1st ear infection. I'm so glad she is feeling better now. Even though she was sick (and a little whiny) she still slept so good and was a little trooper taking her medicine.
*She is talking all the time. Just today she kept saying baba when she was holding her bottle. We haven't heard a clear Mama or Dada yet.
*Loves to scream and make all sorts of noise and sounds. Recently started smacking her lips like a kiss.
*She's had all of the basic baby food (stage 1) and most of Gerber stage 2, plus she eats a lot of table food. Usually she'll eat fruit and either rice cereal or oatmeal after her morning nap and then in the afternoon/evening she eats a vegetable. She seems to really like everything except for the apricot with mixed fruit.
*I haven't had to make her any food because I got 100 Gerber containers for free with coupons. I did blend some chicken in with her sweet potatoes the other day.

*Still nursing. A total miracle. With all the problems I had starting out, it amazes me to think she is still getting some breast milk. I wish she was able to exclusively breastfeed but anything is better than nothing. I nurse her when she first wakes up and again before bed. Sometimes once during the day.
*She's drinking 6 oz. bottles between nursing and eating solids.
*Sleeps around 11 hours each night. I try to put her down around 8pm every night because no matter what time she goes down, she seems to always wake up between 7-7:30am.
*She takes 2 naps a day. Her morning nap is usually the shorter one and is around 1 hour. Her 2nd nap is usually 2 hours or longer.
*She hasn't been real cuddly lately. When she is tired she wants to be put in her crib, music turned on, with her binkie and bear bear and covered with a light blanket. Then she goes right to sleep.
*I think she's gonna have hazel eyes.

*And it's official...SHE LOOKS LIKE HER DADDY! We've now had complete strangers tell us that. Neither Josh or I see it, but she's a little cutie.
*Her hair is getting a little thicker and longer. Seems to be the same color as Haylee.
*She is still a laid back baby, but now that she knows how to crawl, she likes to play on the floor with her toys and explore all around.
*Loves to pull hair. It's her only defense.
*Ticklish. Belly laughs hysterically when you tickle her chest and belly.*Went to Sedona at the beginning of December. We went to the deer farm, the trout farm and enjoyed some time at the park. Natalee is a wonderful little traveler now :)
*Loved Christmas time. Went looking at lights, ate frosting off the gingerbread house, sat on Santa's lap and ate paper from Christmas presents. She got a lot of awesome toys and a couple of cute outfits as well. She didn't seem too interested in the toys she opened (maybe she was overwhelmed) but loved to try to eat the paper.

Oh Natalee, I just love you so much. You always make me laugh. I love when you shake your head back and forth, and I love your laugh. I love when your face lights up and you smile every time I sing one of the funny songs I made up. I love every little thing about you. I am so thankful to be your Mommy.