Thursday, March 26, 2009

Aren't These The Cutest?!

I got these at Target ($6.99) yesterday and I think they are the cutest thing in the world. Haylee is one step closer to being ready for Hawaii!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Jackson!!

Our little boy turned 7 today! He has been such a wonderful dog these past few years and puts up with so much from Haylee each day. He went from being a spoiled, only "child" to kinda forgotten about, and it makes me feel horrible because he is such a good boy. We were a little worried how he would react to Haylee joining the family but he has adjusted very well and loves her a lot. I know he mostly puts up with her stepping all over him and pulling on him because she always gives him treats and sneaks food to him from her booster seat. Happy Birthday Jackson, we hope to have at least 7 more years with you!!!

Jackson when we got him~

Jackson today~

If it's not one thing, it's another.....

Thankfully we have all gotten over our sickness. It was a rough 3 weeks when we were all sick but we all got better just in time for the weekend. Josh and I were able to go out for a much needed date night(being stuck inside for nearly 3 weeks can make anyone go crazy). My mom watched little Haylee and Josh and I went to dinner at Rubio's and then went to see a movie.

Saturday night we took Haylee to her 1st Coyotes game. She wasn't as into it as she is the Suns game but I think Hannah being there made a difference because she wanted to play around more instead of watching the game. We got a smokin' deal while we were there though. We signed Haylee up for the Kid's Club for $10 and got 4 free ticket vouchers to go see 2 more games. Also, she got a Coyotes bear, hat, back pack, free kids meal & ice cream coupons, and lots more. So the next 2 Thursday's we'll be headed back to Glendale for some Hockey!

Sunday, I somehow threw my back out-that will teach me to do house work! I was in so much pain and couldn't move all Sunday night. My Mom (the hero) brought me some Vicodin so that has helped a lot. She also stayed home with me yesterday because I can't lift Haylee or do pretty much anything. Today, Josh stayed home to help and hopefully I will feel better tomorrow. What a scary experience and very painful too. What hurt the most is not being able to pick up my little girl.

Josh and I have decided to postpone taking Femara just a couple months to see if I can get pregnant on my own. I will probably start it after we get back from Hawaii. I'm getting so excited for Hawaii now that we are booking activities. So far on the agenda- swimming with the dolphins, snorkeling with the turtles/fish in Molokini, a luau, and possibly Josh and I will take a helicopter ride for our Anniversary. Those are just the things we need to book in advance, my mom and I have several other activities in the works.

One last thing, I wanted everyone to know about little
Stellan. He is in the PICU having the same heart problems he had in-utero that led the doctors to believe he wouldn't survive. He was born completely healthy without a sign of any heart problems. Now, out of the blue, it's back and little Stellan is experiencing an enlarged heart because his heart is beating way too fast and the doctors have been unable to calm it down. Please pray for him and his family-they are such wonderful people who have a lot of faith and are witnesses that the power of prayer certainly works.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Taco Tuesday

We are big fans of Del Taco's Taco Tuesday- 3 tacos for $.99! It seems we forgot about the tradition until yesterday, because we all feel so crappy and no one wants to cook. Unfortunately, I've joined the sickie club and I am hating every minute of it. I hate being sick because I hate being in bed or laying around all day every day. It drives me nuts! Josh is feeling a bit better but we took Haylee back to the Doctor Monday because she had gotten worse. They put her on a different antibiotic for her ear infection (the one she got Friday wasn't doing it's job) and gave her some cough/congestion medicine which I am so thankful for because now she can sleep without coughing all night and repeatedly waking herself up. The last couple nights have been so wonderful compared to the sleepless nights before she got the "magic medicine." Oh, and how cute are these tiny cups Jamba Juice has? I never noticed them before but now Haylee can have her own smoothie that is just her size! (They have even smaller cups too).

Saturday, March 7, 2009

My Sick Babes

This past week has been a bit crazy. Between my appointment Wednesday (where I was a nervous wreck) and Josh and Haylee both being sick, I haven't had a break. Haylee being sick is a bitter sweet time. I feel awful that she has an ear infection and doesn't feel well, but I love how cuddley and calm she is. She'll sit with me for hours watching movies and just cuddling-my favorite thing in the world. I hope she gets better soon but I love the bonding time we've had.

So it looks like I will be starting Femara on Monday which I'm a little nervous about. My friend left a comment on my last post saying her friend is pregnant with her 2nd set of twins and she took Femara both times. That would be my luck! HA

Off the subject a bit, we leave for Hawaii in less than 2 months and we are all excited. By this time I usually have all of our days tentatively planned out but I haven't started planning anything for Hawaii yet. I know for sure we will all be swimming with the dolphins at Sea Life Park but other than that, I have only a few things in mind and we'll be there for 2 weeks. Time to start swim suit shopping and getting things together. We get to celebrate Josh's 27th Birthday, our 6th Anniversary, and Mother's Day all on the beaches of Maui-can't wait!

I'm also excited that Kaysi and I will have our craft items featured at a local swap meet starting March 21st. We're signed up for 5 weeks and we hope to sell a bunch of our stuff-keep your fingers crossed.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Operation Get Shelley Pregnant

I went to see Dr Huff today. He said he wants to watch the cyst but doesn't want to do surgery every time a cyst appears unless he has to. Instead, his plan is to get me pregnant and then the cyst will work itself out-usually bursting or just go away. He has prescribed me Femara to make sure I have no problems ovulating or "getting those eggs out". He said the cyst shouldn't make it difficult to get pregnant or interfere, but in case it is, this "magic pill" will overpower it. He specifically said this won't cause multiple births so not to worry about having twins or more. However, after doing some research online, I'm seeing it can happen which has me a little worried. I'll take his word though and hope we're pregnant soon. With my luck, I'm probably already pregnant and I just spent $50 for these 5 "magic pills". Afterall, I am 5 days late.......

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bikini Time

It's crazy to think it's only the 1st week in March and the temps are already hitting 90 degrees. We are in trouble! Or were at least, until Haylee's new Little Tikes Sea & Sand Table arrived yesterday. This combined with her little swimming pool will make the next few months more tolerable. This little table is super adorable except I learned very quickly (within the first 1 minute actually) that we need to have the sand side covered if we're playing on the water side, and vice versa. So far today it's been working. Trying to get the sand out of the water is a hard task since you can't dump the table over without dumping all the sand. Complicated I know, but with this new plan is the works everything should run a little smoother. Definitely worth every penny. I'll let you know if that is still my opinion in a few weeks. Oh, and isn't Haylee the cutest little girl in her new bikini?!