Thursday, August 14, 2014

Summer Break

It's hard to believe school started 2 weeks ago and that our summer break is over! Haylee started school July 31st; what happened to starting school mid August?

We have had a BLAST this summer and have stayed super busy! Every Monday and Wednesday the girls went to summer camp for 3 hours, every Thursday I kept Hannah so they had cousin time and almost every Friday we had Summer Movie Fun at Harkins with Dustin and Hannah. We had a lot of play dates, went camping, had our annual staycation in Scottsdale and spent a lot of time at the pool.

Here is our summer recap starting where I left off-

The week of June 1st-
*Tried out a new church, LifePoint here in QC. Each girl has a friend from school in their class.
*McDonalds play date with Natalee's friend Azi.
*Jump Jungle with Natalee's friends Azi and Lilly.

The next week I already blogged about here.

The week of June 15th-
*Celebrated Father's Day. The girls did funny questionnaires about their Dad (I always laughed at their answers, especially Natalee's cuz she's so young) and we got him an Outback gift card and golfing gift card. We took Josh and Dustin out to eat at Outback and had a delicious dinner.
*Haylee had her 7 year well check and she is healthy!
*We went to Aj pool with Natalee's friend Azi and her family.
*I had my first ever visit to the hair salon. I got peek a boo highlights and a super cute cut! One of the leaders in our Girl Scout troop gave me this as a birthday gift :)
*The girls (and Hannah) spent the night at Kaysi's.
*Sea Life Aquarium with Azi.
*We went to the Frozen party at Skateland.
*We went camping.
The week of June 23rd-
*Went to Aj pool with Sam and Dakota.
*Got my FREE Starbucks Birthday drink.
*Read and relaxed while the girls were at summer camp.
*Jody, Jake and Sabrina came over for donuts and a play date. Jody took Haylee out to lunch at Chickfila for her birthday.
*Jump Jungle with Molly and Azi.
*Swimming with Molly.
*Breakfast with Roxie.
The week of June 29th-
*Haylee had a play date with Rilee.
*The girls finally earned their Anna and Elsa dolls by filling up their sticker charts.
*Staycation at Legacy Golf Resort (Thurs-Sun).
*Haylee lost her first tooth on top.
*4th of July Fireworks at Gainey Ranch.
The week of July 6th-
*Mesquite Groves pool with Mallory and Rilee.
*Jump Street and bowling with Mallory and Rilee.
*Natalee had a dentist appointment. Has her first 2 cavities.
*Went to see Maleficant with Azi.
*Famous Dave's with Azi's family.
*Danielle's Baby Shower.
*Gilbert23 Event with Sheriff Joe.
The week of July 13th-
*I took Danielle's Maternity Pictures.
*Picked up Haylee's teacher assignent.
*Children's Museum with Azi.
*I had well check with Dr Mickey. 
*Got some yummy strawberry filled cupcakes from Crystal.
The week of July 20th-
*Haylee had her first friend sleepover with Molly.
*We went to Big Surf with Josh's friend from work and his family.
*Went swimming at Kaysi's and met baby Kylie.
*The girls got their rainbow blankets from Grandma Kayanne.
*We enjoyed some monsoon storms.
The week of July 27th-
*We went to AJ pool one last time with Jody, Jake and Sabrina and I got the coolest cup for my birthday from Jody!
*My mom and I had a Bachelorette finale party. Just the 2 of us! lol
*Tuesday we (Crystal and I) took the kids to the mall and Chuck-E-Cheese. That is how the girls wanted to celebrate their last day of summer.
 Wednesday the girls got back-to-school haircuts
Then on Thursday morning my little 2nd grader headed back to school!

Summer break was a lot of fun but it definitely went by way too fast. Heck this whole year has gone by way too fast. Less than 5 months till Christmas!