Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Ramblings {Wednesday Edition}

I find it easier to just do one big "ramblings" post instead of daily posts lately. It helps me remember all the fun stuff we did and I don't feel like I have to post daily :)

Since little Haylee was sick 2 weekends ago, she stayed with Grandma and we took Natalee to the AZ Science Center. I won tickets to have breakfast with Elmo which included tickets to Sesame Street-The Body and admission to the science center too.

Natalee had fun but kept asking where Elmo was. We didn't exactly have breakfast with Elmo, we had breakfast with Roxie since Shamrock Farms hosted the event,
and Elmo came out for 10 minutes for pictures. Natalee had fun in the Elmo exhibit though. She went into "Elmo's World", laughed at the farting noises, went to the grocery store and posed next to cut out characters.
The rest of the center I think was too advanced for her. She didn't really care about any of it, she preferred to ride the elevator.

We've been to Schnepf Farms twice now to feed the deer.
They are so gentle and love to eat grapes from our hands.
As soon as we walk up to their cage they come right up to the fence and wait patiently for us to feed them.
They are so cute but I feel so bad for them. They are covered in flies and the skin from their antlers is shedding and hanging all over their face. It's a sad sight.
Josh finished his 1st weight loss competition at work. In just 5 weeks he lost 24 lbs. and came in 2nd place. The winner lost 10.4% of his body fat and Josh 10.1% so it was so close. Most importantly, he is a lot healthier. He hasn't had a soda in 7 weeks, he only drinks water, he's eating healthier, juicing and working out. I'm very proud of him and how disciplined he is. I am such a bad influences buying tubs of red vines and eating a snack in bed every night. Sorry babe :/

Haylee and I both got our haircut right when school started. Not Natalee though. I won't let anyone cut her curls!
Last Thursday would have been my Dad's 60th Birthday.
I made spaghetti, we ate cupcakes, sang Happy Birthday and let balloons go. The girls and I wrote messages on the balloons before sending them up.
Natalee asked why Papa Reggie wasn't at his party :(
Friday was my long awaited appointment with Dr. Song, a spine surgeon. I prayed and prayed for this appointment and was so nervous. I met with Dr. Song, he looked over my MRI, explained why I was having the leg pain (disc pinching sciatic nerve) and he gave me 2 options. He said the first would be to try a steroid/epidural injection. That would help with the pain while my body recovered. Other than that, surgery is an option and that is one he does quite often. He said he'd make a small incision, take care of the herniated disc and I'd probably go home that day. I agreed to the injection and was sent to AZ Back Pain Institute in tears (I was terrified). After meeting with Dr. Fedoriw we came up with an initial plan. He started me on 2 rounds of oral steroids, gave me pain meds to take when needed and told me to start using an inversion table. He was confident buy looking at my MRI the disc could easily be sucked back into place by laying on an inversion table. Have I mentioned how it's next to impossible to lay upside down at a 45 degree angle with a head cold??? So that's the plan for now. I'm also getting a CT done of my leg and I'm going to a spine PT to learn how to pop my disc back into place myself. If all else fails, THEN I can get an injection. So I'm really praying the inversion table does the trick!
Haylee is finally over being sick, Natalee has gotten over the worst of hers and now I have it full force. And we're leaving for Vegas tomorrow. Yay.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tooth Fairy {Haylee Lost Her 1st Tooth}

My sweet little Haylee lost her first tooth tonight. It has been loose for a couple weeks now.

(right before it came out)
Tonight it was hanging by a thread so she wiggled it with her tongue scared it would hurt when it came out. Daddy helped pull it out the rest of the way (at Haylee's request).
She is so excited and can't wait to show her friends that she lost her first princess tooth!!! And of course, she's excited for the tooth fairy to come!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Haylee and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week!

My poor Haylee girl had a rough week last week.

Last Tuesday I received an email from her teacher-

"I am emailing to tell you first of all how sweet Haylee is.  I absolutely love having her in my class.  I did want to bring something to your attention though. I have been warning her a few times to stop talking to the person sitting in front of her.  It is not entirely Haylee's fault, because this student keeps turning around to her to talk to her.  I keep reminding Haylee not to listen and to just show this student the quiet signal if they are talking, so that they do not get into trouble too.  I wanted to let you know that Haylee was on a Step 2 today and was supposed to lose 5 minutes of recess time.  However, she did not get to owe her time because our school was on a rainy day schedule. Her and I spoke about her behavior today and I was wondering if you could please talk to her too about this?  Thank you for your time and have a good evening!"

Honestly, I am not surprised. Haylee talks from the second her eyes open in the morning till the second they close at night. She is NEVER quiet. I am still shocked she never got in trouble for talking last year.

On Wednesday she had a dentist appointment and she found out she has 2 cavities. Upper teeth, between the back 2 teeth on both sides. These are her first cavities so she doesn't know what to expect but I don't think she's gonna like it very much. Her appointment is September 5th. On a positive note, her bottom tooth is super loose and she'll be losing her 1st tooth soon!!!! I am so sad to see her perfect little teeth start falling out because by the looks of the xrays, she has some big chompers coming in that already look like trouble. I was told to start saving now for orthodontics.
And then on Friday she came in my bed early in the morning just burning up. She said she had a sore throat so I instantly thought strep. Sure enough, took her to the doctor, they swabbed her throat (no fun) and it instantly showed up positive. Luckily after resting 2 days she felt so much better and today she went to school so the worst is over.
(watching E.T)
I feel bad for my sweet little Haylee. I hope she has a better week this week!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Natalee's 1st Day of School {Preschool}

Today was Natalee's 1st day of preschool!!!

She could hardly wait another second to wear her back pack and finally go to school.
When I asked her what she did today she said "um I just played with my friends." Later on she told me she went potty 2 times, washed her hands, ate cereal and crackers and drank water.
She also sang her abc's, read a book and played with toys. She said she can't wait to go back again because Mrs. Brianne is so nice!
My little girl is getting so big!!!!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Haylee's 1st Day of School {1st Grade}

Haylee survived her 1st day of school!

She told me "well we didn't really learn anything today." When asked what her favorite part of today was she said "unpacking everything out of my backpack when I got to school." She has 2 friends in her class from last year, Porter D. and Isabella and she got to eat lunch with Allie although she is in a different class. She said she had a lot of fun!
Picking her up was definitely NOT fun. It took 40 minutes for me just to get into the parking lot to pick her up. The line was the whole way down Barnes Pkwy to Ocotillo and I left my house 5 minutes before dismissal. I'm sure it'll get faster as everyone figures out the brand new system that was implemented.
Has Haylee even changed in the past year? Either way, she's still cute!