Tuesday, January 29, 2013

No longer a baby...

My sweet little Natalee is growing up way too fast. She will always be my baby, but she is no longer a baby :( She now dresses herself completely by herself and tonite she is sleeping in her big girl bed for the first time. I have held off on this because she is always into everything and I was afraid of what she'd get into to. But yesterday she was hopping in and out of her crib by herself so I knew it was time.

We switched Haylee to a big girl bed a lot sooner but only because I was pregnant with Natalee and knew I'd be needing the crib. Not only did Haylee get a completely different bed, she was moved into another room all together. Looking back that was too much at one time. I remember that being one of the most difficult times for me because Haylee wouldn't sleep unless I was in her new room with her. I think Natalee will do better because she is a little older. I guess we will see.
As I was tucking her in tonight I told her we didn't have anywhere to go tomorrow after we dropped Haylee off at school so we could come home and watch a movie together. She said "awwww" in a sad voice so I said "what, you sad that we aren't going to rock Fry's?" and she said yes. That's my girl! We've had a blast hitting the mega sale at Fry's this past week and stocking our pantry. I'm not gonna let a little bulging disc stop me!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Vegas {Jan 11-14}

We enjoyed a wonderful weekend in Las Vegas last weekend. We took my niece Samantha for her birthday and it was the first time she had been to Vegas. Just our luck a major cold front came through leaving us with temperatures in the 30's and low 40's the majority of the weekend and in the 20's at night, BRRRRRR!!!!

We drove over Friday evening and had a pretty uneventful trip, just the kind we like. When we got there we drove down the strip and then went to our hotel to check in and haul up all of our bags. After we got settled we went right to bed, big partiers I know!
Saturday we were up bright and early (thanks to Natalee) and so we got ready and went out to Fremont Street. We went into the Golden Nugget to see the sharks and then we found a Dunkin Donuts since Natalee loves her "baby donuts". After that we went to Excaliber but we didn't spend too much time there because Papa Jim called and we headed over there. We spent all day with Josh's Dad and Step Mom. We had lunch at Red Robin, then we went to Michael and Emily's where the girls braved the frigid temperatures to play on the swing set. The girls were bundled up with boys clothes, too cute!
After we left there we went back to Jim and Kris's for awhile and then had dinner at a yummy mexican restaurant there in town. The girls had a blast playing with their boy cousins all day and seeing their Papa and Grandma too.
That night Sam and I went down to Fremont Street to grab a Strawberry Daiquiri in the big ol' cups and then came right back to the room because it was just too cold. After the girls went to bed that night Josh went out to play a few slots and walk around. I don't know how he survived the cold.
Sunday was our "see Vegas in 1 day" day and we had such a fun time. We started out at Silverton to see the fish and stingrays.
From there we went to M&M World and watched the 3D movie.
 Then we walked all around getting pictures with the girls favorite characters.
We enjoyed a Cherry Coke Float at Coke World which the girls loved (our girls never drink soda).
Oh, and the girls played a few slots!
What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.....just kidding, they really didn't play.

From there it was Circus Circus time. We started in the midway where we played a few games.
The girls each won 2 animals and we watched a circus act.
Then we went to the Adventuredome and got the girls wristbands and they rode the rides over and over and over again. No joke. They'd get get off the ride and run back around and get right back on. They rode the hot air balloons, the carousel, school bus, airplanes, choo choo roller coaster and the frog hop.
While we were there Josh won the girls each a Hello Kitty and a Keroppi out of the crane game. He was on fire! We were there most of the afternoon/evening and then we made our way back to the room to start packing some things up.

That night Sam and I decided to put on 10 layers (ok, not quite that many but close) and brave the cold to enjoy our last night there. We got another big drink, played some slots and went shopping in the ABC Store. I love staying on Fremont St because everything is so much closer together so we didn't have to freeze too long as we went from casino to casino.
Monday we just drove home. And then of course I killed my back. Party Foul. Not a great ending to our super fun weekend but we did have a blast in Vegas. And these little girls can't wait to go back!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Rough Week

This has been a rough week.

Last Wednesday (9th)  marked 14 years since I lost my Dad. It makes me sad because that means he's been gone almost as long as he was in my life. Some memories start to fade but I am thankful for those memories that I will never forget.

Last Thursday (10th) marked 3 months since we lost sweet Jackson. I miss my little boy. It's been so cold and I wish he was here snuggling up with me in bed. Little Haylee talks about him often and misses him so much. When Natalee sees his picture she'll say "aww Jackson" but otherwise doesn't really talk about him.

Then of course as we were arriving home Monday from Vegas I bent down to get a package out of the mailbox and instantly felt extreme pain. I couldn't even sit down to drive home so I had to drag myself home as Sam carried both girls home. Josh was just a bit behind us so he got home right after we did. I was in so much pain and couldn't even move. I went to AFC on Tuesday where I learned I have a bulging disc, most likely L5. The xray wasn't clear enough to tell since my spine is completely curved right now. My whole body is lopsided. I started electronic treatment and getting adjustments yesterday and will continue for 5 weeks (12 treatments total). My xray also showed a lot of spasms and my muscles are very swollen. So that explains why I'm in so much pain. Each day gets a little easier but I usually just lay in bed with an ice pack. Thankfully my Mom stayed home Tuesday and then went in late yesterday so she could take me to my appt. And she has been coming over every morning to get Haylee ready and take her to school. My friend Kelly has been picking Haylee up and bringing her home. And Sam has been here the past couple days to help me and help out with the girls as well. Today I'm on my own so I hope I survive. It's crazy how proud I get when I can sit to go potty or when I can brush my teeth. Things I use to take for granted. Its just hard to sit and to bend at all. My sweet husband even shaved my legs for me last night. It's been rough.

The good news of the week is Haylee girl received Honor Roll for the 3rd grading period. She received all A's except for 2 categories (writing application and reading) where she got B's. We are so proud of our Smartie Pants!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Our new year so far...

My weekend was spent coughing and sitting in the doctors office for 2 hours. I've had a stupid cough for a week now and it's getting old real quick. I was coughing all day long and it was exhausting. Thankfully with the help of a Zpak and Cherratussin the coughing is finally slowing down. I am the last in the family to get better and I only have a few days because we leave for Vegas Friday! Oh and everytime I cough it kills my back.

While I was at the doctors I decided to ask for more help with my back pain. Ya my back is STILL hurting from when I was pulling weeds last February and screwed it up somehow. My insurance won't cover physical therapy and I have tried stretches at home. It bothers me daily, I can't sit for more than 10 minutes without it hurting and it just interferes with my daily life. He wanted to recommend an MRI but I'd have to pay every penny since of course my insurance doesn't cover that either until my $5000 deductible is met. We discussed how horrible insurance has gotten and what a waste of money it is. He said it could me a nerve issue that would take injections to ease the pain but also said visiting a chiropractor may help. So off to the chiropractor I went today. This was my first time so I was a little nervous. He was doing all these tests and exam type things then BAM he hiked my leg up to my chest and with a snap-crackle-pop x 10 I was like "ouch!" So ya, craziness. But I felt better sitting there so I thought maybe it worked. Then as I am driving home here comes the pain. It always takes a few minutes of sitting for it to kick in. I'm a little bummed, I really prayed for a miracle. He wants to see me again Thursday and then I'm done unless of course I'm still in pain and then I can try something new or continue to go back to see if there is anything else he can try. I really hope it doesn't come down to an MRI and costly injections. I am too young to have to deal with back pain everyday. So disappointing.

Luckily my side kick is back. Sam came back out to Queen Creek last week and has been keeping me busy and helping me with the girls. We always have such a fun time.

Haylee went with Josh to his work party Saturday while Sam and I took Natalee to the swap meet and then San Tan Mall to ride the choo choo. That girls loves her some choo choo.

Life returned back to normal this week and Haylee went back to school. I've been busy getting things done before we go to Vegas. Tomorrow we are taking the girls to Disney on Ice and I am so excited. Thursday we're packing and Friday we're heading out. I am really getting excited except for the fact the highs are in the 40's and I'm gonna freeze my butt off.

On a totally unrelated note, Haylee no longer sleeps with her closet light on thanks to her new Dream Lite she got from Grandma for Christmas. This is a huge step!

And Natalee likes to take all sorts of random things to bed with her at night. A squeaky turtle, monkey mint tin, Thomas flashlight etc. She is such a crack up!

And that about sums up our new year so far! Oh and I offically took over Broken Arrow Traders January 1st so I am now running the jewelry business. Kaysi started the business 8 years ago and I am so excited to take things over and branch out beyond Ebay to see how things go. So far so good.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Goodbye 2012

2012 seemed to be a heartbreaking year for many. Many losses, tragedies and just sadness. Losing Jackson was horrible. We are heartbroken and plain sad, but we have also been very blessed this past year so I will try to remember the good.

January- Marked 13 years since my Dad died. I so wish my Dad was here to love on his granddaughters. I hope he takes good care of Jackson for me. Sam turned 18 and Hannah turned 6. We spent time at the mall, the library and I did my first photo shoot.

February- Josh and I had a weekend getaway to Vegas. Spent time at the zoo and the park. Took the girls to the AZ Museum for the Youth, had dinner with Shari and family, went to the Lost Dutchman Carnival and had a family dinner and game night with my family.

March- The day after Jackson's 10th birthday my Mom noticed his tumor came back. Took him to the Vet where we were told he had a Mast Cell Tumor. Took the girls to see The Lorax, went to Chuck E Cheese, had a lot of fun at Merrill Ranch Carnival, Danielle turned 17 and we spent a lot of time playing outside.

April- Jackson had surgery and we were told his tumor was a grade 3. Our lives were turned upside down. Haylee started soccer, I enjoyed a Girls Night Out and saw "The Lucky One", and we took Haylee girl to see Chimpanzee. Natalee turned 2 and had a Minnie Mouse party and then dislocated her elbow the following day. I now know how to pop it back into place should it happen again.

May- We took Jackson on his Make A Wish trip to Kohl's Ranch, Josh spent a week in Florida for a Dish Network Convention and Josh turned 30! Josh and I celebrated 9 years of marriage, I took Haylee to see Pinkalicios at Broadway Palm and Haylee finished preschool. We went to a Dbacks game, went bowling and spent time in Fountain Hills for a late Anniversary celebration. We took the girls to Enchanted Island, went to our first Summer Movie Fun at Harkins and went swimming in our pool out back.

June- We started going to Mission and LOVE it! Haylee participated in a summer craft club and had so much fun. Haylee went to the dentist, we had breakfast with Roxie and I turned 29. Josh took me to Kooza for my birthday, the girls started swimming lessons and Haylee turned 5 and had a Hello Kitty party. We took Haylee to see Madagascar 2, went to the circus and took Haylee to see Rapunzel at Hale Theatre.

July- Took the girls to Jambo's, watched the fireworks at Schnepf Farms and spent a weekend in Scottsdale soaking up the sun poolside. Josh and I joined LA Fitness, the girls went up to the mountains with Grandpa and Dustin and Josh and I saw a couple movies. We had dinner at Shari's and took the girls to Chuck E Cheese's again.

August- We swam at Aj Pool, Haylee and Daddy went to see Snow White at Hale Theatre and Haylee started Kindergarten at Legacy. We went up to the mountains for the day to celebrate Dad's birthday, went to the gym and took the girls to Big Surf. Mom and I got pedicures and went to California for a Mother-Daughter trip.

September- Mom and I walked around Venice, were scared to death at Six Flags and went to see Iris in Hollywood. Haylee recited the Pledge of Allegiance at school, Josh and I went to Studio Movie Grill for date night and Natalee finally got the hang of potty training.

October- We took the girls to Knott's Berry Farm, the Beach, Disneyland and California Adventure. Sweet Jackson went to Heaven taking a piece of my heart with him. Very Rough Month. Took the girls to Mother Nature's Farm, Haylee cheered at a Skyline game and Jody adopted a sweet little girl. Went to Dewitt Stables, the fair and a Hot Air Balloon Spooktacular where the girls trick or treated. Josh took the girls to a Daddy-Daughter event at Chickfila, we had a yard sale, I painted the girls bathroom and redecorate it and our little witch and batarina went trick-or-treating. Sam came and kept me company for the month and I am so thankful we were able to stay busy because it was a sad month for all of us.

November- Mom and I kicked off boutique season, Natalee went to the dentist for the first time and loved it and we took Haylee to see The Little Mermaid at QCPAC. I had a Shutterfly House Party, Haylee performed during Skyline's Dance Concert, we went to a fall carnival at Bush and spent time with Papa Jim and Grandpa Kris. Josh and I celebrated 11 years of being together (early) at the Melting Pot, spent Thanksgiving Day with Josh's family and hit the stores for Black Friday.

December- We took Dustin and Jen to their first Cirque Du Soleil show "Dralion", went to Glendale Glitters and I gave Jody a shower. We took the girls to Polarfest, the Celebration of Christmas and went to a pancake breakfast at Haylee's school. Haylee went to the dentist, we went looking at Christmas lights and had Mother-Daughter baking day. We attended Christmas Eve service at Mission and spent Christmas Eve at Kaysi's with Josh's family. Santa came and spoiled us all, we spent Christmas afternoon at my Mom's with my family and then we all got sick. No partying for us this year, the girls went to bed around 10:30 and Josh passed out before the ball dropped.

I really hope that 2013 is a better year for our family. I look forward to our cruise in May and our trip to Maui in October. I'm praying for better health and a lot of happiness and no more loss.