Monday, October 28, 2013

Monday Ramblings

So aside from Haylee's sudden onset of OCD which thankfully fully reversed after a round of antibiotics, Natalee having strep and ear infections and Kona chewing things up, leaving muddy foot prints on the couch and trying to eat the turtle, this is what we've been up to since we returned from Maui-

9/29- We went to go see Timmy. This was the first time we've seen or talked to him in over a year and a half. He is finally on track, in school and doing great. We're trying to support him as much as we can although he's in a tough situation for a 15 year old boy. Very strict guidelines and schedules are overwhelming him but he's keeping his head up and doing what he has to do. Josh was able to take him to the Cardinals game last night which was a treat for him. We're proud of you T!

10/1- Little Miss Haylee lost tooth #2!
And the tooth fairy brought her $2.
10/2- We got Kona and she's been destroying the house ever since!
10/5- We had family and friends over for my Chasin Cheeky House Party and we BBQ'd.
10/6- The girls like to pretend it's Halloween early.
10/7- 10/13- Fall break was a difficult time for all of us. But to keep Haylee busy and TRY to keep her mind from running circles we spent time out and about with family. Tuesday we met up with Cami, Hunter and Grandma Kayanne at Freestone Park where the girls rode a few rides and played on the playground which Haylee said was lame.
Wednesday, Mom and I took the girls to the mall and to see Monsters University in 3D and Thursday the girls played with Hannah all day and we made Mike crafts.
We also let balloons go for Jackson since it was his one year anniversary in heaven. I miss my sweet little boy every single day. He was such a perfect dog.
Friday-Sunday we participated in the community yard sale. I sold the crib, both small dining room sets and a bunch of other crap. I made $550!! Friday afternoon we took the girls to Mother Nature's Farm.
They love that fall festival because they get to decorate a mini pumpkin.
The also love the hay maze, bounce house, pumpkin patch and feeding the animals.
 This was our first fall festival of the season and it was beautiful weather and not crowded at all.

The girls had a blast!
Saturday night, Josh and I took the girl to Disney Live Pirates and Princesses where they saw Doc McStuffins, Sofia the First and Jake and the Neverland Pirates on stage. It was so cute and both girls loved it!

10/15- Josh and I met with Dr. Beth the psychologist. It was heartbreaking to even have to fill out paperwork and give consent for your child to be seen by a psychologist. I had to fill out 16 very detailed pages about Haylee from the time I was pregnant with her till exactly what she's been up to lately. I believe we were led to Dr. Beth as an answer to our prayers because she is familiar with PANDAS and recognized the symptoms from what I was telling her and wanted Haylee tested right away. Very few people (psychologist or pediatricians) would even think to suggest this so we are very thankful for her because Haylee has made a full recovery and now didn't have to even meet with Dr. Beth once!

10/16- We took the girls to the fair.
 We have made it a habit to go on We Care Wednesday's because we get in for free with donation and all rides and games are $2.
The girls rode several rides and played several games and even won a pet gold fish (who already bit the dust).
We ate yummy fair food and walked around before calling it a night.

10/19- Haylee and I went to Sabrina's 1st Birthday Party at the park.
She didn't want anything to do with her cake.
And that night we went to Schnepf Farms, fall festival #2!
It's a little more expensive then the rest but really worth it.
The girls rode a few rides, we got to watch the pig races, we watched a dog show which Haylee participated in, made our way through the corn maze, went on a hay ride, had pony rides and ate chili and roasted corn.
The girls we iffy on doing the scary train ride at night but we never got around to it because the line was so long. That's probably a good thing :)

This past weekend we took the girls to see Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs 2 and then Saturday we went to our last Fall Festival.
We tried a new one, MacDonald Ranch that I bought off Groupon.
 The girls rode horses,
we went on hayrides to the pumpkin patch,
the girls ran through the hay maze over and over,
and then we visited with the cute animals in the petting zoo.
We had fun but it wasn't anything special so we'll probably stick with ones closer to us next year. That night we decided to go to the Trunk-or-Treat in Queen Creek on the spare of the moment.
(My little Zebra and Lalaloopsy)
The girls got some candy, balloon flowers and their faces painted. I'm glad we went, it was fun and the line moved a lot faster then previous years.

Haylee had her first official Girl Scout meeting last Thursday. and had so much fun. She passed her goal of 25 items for the fall fundraiser and is excited to take everyone their goodies. She's earned 2 badges already and I successful got all her other badges ironed on her tunic. She continues to thrive at school bringing home A's (usually 100%) on every single test. She recited her 2nd poem Tuesday and did perfect. Natalee decided to cut Haylee's hair in a few places and although it could have been a lot worse, we're just hoping her hair grows out soon. Haylee is enjoying the cool weather and spends most of the time outside playing with Kona or riding bikes with Natalee to the park. And she loves spending the night with Grandma.

Natalee (Edward Scissorhands) is still my ornery child. Although she doesn't get into stuff as much, she now has an attitude like no other and still doesn't like to listen. Typical 3 1/2 year old. She loves preschool and is learning a lot but still can't write acual letters. She sure pretends she can though and is very serious about it. She still takes awesome naps every afternoon and loves to eat grapes and strawberries. And I LOVE her curls! She actually learned to ride her bike one morning while we were doing the yard sale and she's been riding it all around ever since. She does really good except when she's not paying attention and runs into the neighbors car. She was fine though, except maybe a bruised ego :)

With everything else going on I have kinda forgotten about my back/leg pain. It's been a great distraction but actually the pain is very minimal so I can't complain. My CT revealed my right leg is 9mm longer than my left. That's a pretty big difference which could have been contributing to the pain. I got a heel lift which seems to be working and I'm just glad I don't have to get injections or anything else right now. I can live with it the way it is right now. I'm still selling Grandpa's jewelry on Ebay although things have been slow the past month. I am thankful for the extra income that funded our Maui trip and helps with our medical bills.

Josh has started golfing now. He usually goes out every Saturday morning and sometimes after work once a week. He also has season tickets to the Cardinals games so he has fun going to those too. Works going good for him, he's staying busy but not as stressed as before. He's the rock of the family and listens to me cry and worry everyday. I told him worrying is what I do best.

Happy Monday!!