Friday, June 21, 2013

Under the Sea Part 2

Following Haylee's little friend party all the family came over to celebrate. We kept it simple and ordered pizza and I made pasta salad and fruit. After we ate the little birthday girl opened all of her presents.

Haylee loved all her new Disney Princess barbies, her Hello Kitty wall decals, the Toys R Us gift card, her new Tag Reader and all the other fun stuff she got.
And the moment she has been waiting for......
just kidding, Haylee has never liked people singing Happy Birthday to her. But she sure did like her cupcake.
And she liked it so much she smashed her face into it (with a little help from Sam).
Natalee wanted in on the action too!
The rest of the evening Haylee enjoyed playing with her cousins, going to the park and playing Just Dance with us adults!
Happy Birthday my sweet little Haylee Girl. I hope you loved your under the sea party!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Under the Sea {Haylee's 6th Birthday}

Saturday was Haylee's Under the Sea Party.

I decided to let her have a friend party this year because there were 5-6 little girls that were her "best friends" in Kindergarten. Sadly, only one little girl showed up but Hannah was there too and they had so much fun. First they painted shells.
Then they played pin the shell on Ariel which made them giggle.
After that the girls had a snack while Haylee opened her presents
and then we sang Happy Birthday and they ate cupcakes.
They spent the rest of the time playing Disney's Just Dance on the Wii and they were hilarious.
Family party coming up next!

Swimming Lessons Round 1

I decided to put the girls in swim lesson at Superstition Aquatics this summer since they are only $18 for a 2 week session. get what you pay for. I don't think they really learned anything.
They had fun playing Ring Around the Water and What Time is it Mr Shark and Natalee grew quite fond of her "boy" but other than that they weren't strict enough for me.
There were several times I wanted to jump in and take matters into my own hands. So ya, we're going back to the same place I took the girls last year.
I KNOW they'll learn something there!


I was so so so excited that Josh surprised me with a trip to Vegas for my birthday. I can't remember the last time someone was able to pull off a surprise for me without me finding out.

Friday started out just like any other day. Josh "left" for work, Natalee woke up and we were watching tv in my bed. Then Josh walks in and says something like "Surprise, we're going to Vegas!" And being the farthest thing from a spare of the moment person my brain goes into over drive. I'm thinking about the lady coming this morning for baby stuff, taking the girls to SMF at Harkins, my chiro appointment that evening....and the list goes on. Then Josh tells me to get packed because we're leaving right away, that my Mom took the day off so she is taking the girls to the movies and keeping them till Saturday afternoon and then she's taking them to Kayanne's till we get home Sunday. I was so excited!!! I hurried to shower, pack, cancel appointments/meetings, pack the girls stuff for Grandma Kayanne's house and try to gather my thoughts. Within about 2 hours we were off. And surprisingly, for doing everything last minute we only forgot a couple things, me pj's and Josh deodorant. Josh may or may not have wore my deodorant :)

Our luck, it was hotter in Vegas than here. So after we checked in and unpacked we decided to stay cool inside a theatre and we went to see Hangover 3. It was there I found my boyfriend!

After that we ate dinner at Outback and I went to Fat Tuesday's for my 48 oz Peach Bellini. It taste just like a Wallaby Darned and I was in Heaven.
We walked from the MGM Grand down to Planet Hollywood checking out all the weirdos along the way. My favorite was when we found "Alan" from Hangover, looked just like him. I walked up to him and he said "are you a pervert?" And I said "no, are you?" and he said "yes!" He was hilarious.
Saturday we went to Tix4Tonite to get show tickets and then went to get breakfast. We were debating between Zakara, KA (both Cirque Du Soleil) and Blue Man Group. Zakara is brand new so I know it will be around awhile and we've seen like 10 different Cirque Du Soleil's so we decided to try something new and went with Blue Man Group. We walked around Fremont St and played some slots.
I was so excited when I found a nickel Double Diamond Deluxe game at El Cortez. I sat down to play and instantly won like $80 and the guy next to me said "it must be your birthday" and I told him it actually was and he laughed saying "the slots must know because people always have awesome luck on their birthdays." I kept winning $40 here and $60 there but nothing major. It was fun to play and we left ahead.

We met up with Josh's Dad and Step Mom for a late lunch at Macayos and then we headed to our show at the Monte Carlo. I was so disappointed with the Blue Man Group. The last 20 minutes were really cool but the rest of the show was slow.
I really wish we would have stuck with KA. I guess there is always next time.

After the show we went to eat at Bubba Gumps where we got popcorn shrimp and bread pudding. Josh laughed at the "raisin bread" but it was pretty good. After dinner I refilled my Fat Tuesday cup so I had my yummy Peach Bellini for the 2nd night too.
We spent the rest of the night on Fremont St checking out the impersonators. Some were really good, like Tupac and Snoop Dog but some were really bad like this guy trying to be Michael Jackson and this girl trying to be Marilyn Monroe. Always a fun time in Vegas!

Sunday we just packed and headed home. And I was already wishing we were still in Vegas after being home 30 minutes. The girls have been horrible lately. Just constantly bickering, whining and making messes.

But anyways, I am so thankful for Josh and for all he did to plan this nice getaway for my birthday. We had a wonderful time and so far being 30 isn't too bad :)
(Thankful for Josh's Iphone since I left my camera at home.)

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


It officially summer. The 100+ degree temperatures confirm that. Time to hibernate till October.

I kicked off the summer by going to California. Josh and the girls kicked off the summer by going to see Epic and grilling carne asada with Grandma Kayanne and Grandpa David.

I am so excited for all the new movies coming out this summer. Both kid movies and funny adult movies. I have a feeling we'll be spending a lot of weekends at Harkins. And every Friday we will be there too since we're doing the Summer Movie Fun for the 2nd year. I love spending my Friday's with my brother and I love that Natalee will finally sit through a movie!
This past weekend we cleaned out the garage and I started pulling out all of my baby stuff to finally sell. After I had it all spread out in the living room I said to Josh, "are you sure you don't want anymore babies before I get rid of all this?" And my Mom seems to think I am jinxing myself and that since I am selling everything I will get pregnant. To that Josh said "well then it (the baby) won't have anything." Hahaha. We are officially done done. It has been sad to get rid of the things that hold such precious memories but it's just been sitting in the closet for years.
Monday was the first day of swimming lesson for the year.
The girls are doing lessons at Superstition Shadows Aquatic Center this year. I put Natalee in both the classes they offer for her age and so far Haylee is just registered in level 2 since she's already done the "adjusting to water" stuff and knows the basics. It's time for her to learn and practice more. Natalee loved her class yesterday (because they didn't make her go under yet)
and Haylee was in tears because she couldn't get the stick under the water.
The joys of swimming lessons. At least I know there is hope since I went through so much with both of them last year and they survived.
2 weeks (almost) of summer down.....way too many to go!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Last Day of Kindergarten

It's crazy to think Haylee girl has been out of school almost 2 weeks. She loved Kindergarten and loved her teacher Mrs. Lukens. She already misses her friends and her teacher and I am missing the routine we had everyday. But this summer has been great so far and we have a lot of things to keep us busy; swimming lessons, Summer Movie Fun, our 3rd annual staycation in Scottsdale, a week long summer camp for Haylee and anything else we can find to do inside.

I kept up with the traditions I started last year and I know Haylee is going to love all the memories when she gets older. She already likes to sit and look through her yearbook that all of her friends signed (I also taped photos of her with friends and family at her graduation) and the folders I kept of special mementos and some of her school work. When she was in preschool I kept everything she did but this year I just kept all her tests and assessments.

These are the traditions I hope to keep up with every year-

*A collage of her first day of school, last day of school and with her teacher.

*Graduation day certificate with hand print. She actually made one at school this year.
*We filled out the Kindergarten section in her recordable book and recorded her sweet little voice talking about her school, friends and teacher.
*Last day of school picture with favorites.
*A letter from us saying how proud we are of her and how much she learned this year. We also got her some of her favorite candy and a necklace and earrings set.
*I also took the Oh the Places You'll Go book in so her teacher could write her a sweet message. I love that her teachers love her so much!
I forgot to take a picture but for her teacher I put together a cute summer gift that included a magazine, beach towel and cute summer tumbler. Inside the tumbler I put M&M's and a Sonic gift card. I tied it all together with a ribbon and a note that said "School's out summer's here thanks for all you've done all year." I got the idea from here.
In 2 months my little girl will be a 1st grader!