Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Timeline of MCT Journey

*Posted for me to remember if needed.

Sunday, March 25th (One day after his 10th Birthday)- Mom noticed his tumor had returned. Previously removed March 16th 2010.

March 27th- Took Jackson to the vet and they performed a fine needle aspirator on tumor and she said it looked like a Mast Cell Tumor which is a very aggressive, malignant tumor.

March 28th- Received results from vet- Mast Cell Tumor.

March 31th- Tumor burst from Jackson licking/chewing it. It's been bothering him since they aspirated it.

Monday, April 2nd- Took Jackson to SW Oncology and met with Dr. Nixon. They did an ultrasound and xray to check lymph nodes, spleen, lungs etc. Everything was clear, no signs of spreading!!!!!! Surgery was a success and Jackson stayed over night to recover.

April 3rd- Jackson came home. Pretty groggy.

April 5th- Dr. called with biopsy results. Good news was the tumor was removed with clear margins. Bad news was tumor was given a grade 3.

April 6th- Met with Oncologist, Dr. Arthur. Basically with Grade III there is no cure. These tumors are both very locally aggressive and highly metastatic (spread throughout the body). There is an option for us to do chemotherapy. The chemotherapy would consist of 2 drugs given once alternating every second week for 8 total treatments. Doing this can slow disease progression and may significantly increase Jackson's cancer free time, but still most dogs die within the first year.

April 14th- Stitches removed. Started Jackson on a Prednisone, Benadryl, Pepcid cocktail.

May 4th-6th- Make A Wish Trip

May 7th- Started Apocaps. Starting with 3 a day to see how he tolerates it. Then after 1-2 weeks we can increase that to 5 a day. Continuing with Prednisone, Benadryl and Pepcid as well.

May 7th- Took Jackson to the Vet (Ironwood) for bladder infection. Flushed his privates and put him on antibiotics. 3 current lumps appear to be fatty tissue and he looks great! She said if/when the tumor comes back, that will be a sign of things going downhill. Continue to give Jackson prednisone every day and she hadn't heard of Apocaps.

May 14th- Now taking 4 Apocaps a day. Finishing up antibiotics and taking Prednisone, Benadryl, Pepcid cocktail.

May 22nd- Now taking 5 Apocaps a day. Also taking (1)Prednisone, (4)Benadryl, (2)Pepcid cocktail.

June 12th- Jackson went back to Dr for another UTI and discharge. Not sure if his previous one ever completely went away but they flushed it all out again and sent him home with a new antibiotic for 14 days. We go back in 14 days to have him re-checked to make sure it goes away.

September 26th- Took Jackson to the Vet for trouble standing up and walking. She's treating him for arthritis with a joint supplement and a pain reliever to take as needed. As far as cancer goes, no signs at all!!! All bumps on his body are fatty tissue and sores on legs are nothing to be alarmed about. He'll now be taking (1) Prednisone, (4)Benadryl, (2)Pepcid, (4) Apocaps, (2) Joint Supplements (after 4-6 weeks just 1) and (1-2) Tramadol (as needed) a day. Whew!

October 1st- Back to the Dr. Jackson got bit by something Saturday night and his leg is super swollen. Poor little guy can't catch a break. He was put on a 10 day antibiotic and his pain meds were increased to 3 times a day. The Dr said being on Prednisone suppresses his immune system so he can't fight things off easily and therefore will easily have infections :(

October 10th- Jackson went to Heaven taking a piece of my heart with him.