Monday, May 7, 2012

Jackson's Doctor Visit

I took Jackson to his regular doctor today for what appears to be a UTI. I will save the details, but they "flushed" things out and sent him home with antibiotics. It was so sad because the second I got him in the door he started shaking so bad and kept trying to get out the door. He HATES going to the doctor! He saw Dr. Lindgren again (she was the one we originally took him too when we noticed his tumor had returned) and she was so nice and gave me so much hope. She said she sees a lot of dogs live way beyond the time Oncologists say. A few other things I want to remember-

*During the exam I pointed out all the "bumps" on his body which she said feel like fatty tissue.
*She said definitely keep him on Prednisone daily. She's never heard of Apocaps.
*Basically just wait until tumor returns. By then it will have probably spread internally. She said she would not do another surgery if it were her.
*The return of a tumor will be a sign of things starting to go downhill.

So as of today, poor Jackson is taking 14 pills daily. 1 Prednisone, 4 Benadryl, 2 Pepcid, 3 Apocaps and 4 Antibiotics. He LOVES medicine time and drools all over the floor as I'm wrapping each pill in bread. Silly dog. Speaking of drool, he literally created a lake in the doctor office today from panting. He gets so nervous. He's a trooper.

For now we pray that the Apocaps, Prednisone and diet changes keep the tumor from returning. We pray he stays healthy, happy and full of life.

*No pictures today but I hope to have a big post of pictures soon all about Jackson's trip to Payson :)