Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Happy Happy Joy Joy

I took Jackson to the doctor tonight. He turned 10 1/2 on Monday and he is starting to feel it...literally. I noticed this week he's having a harder time getting up and walking. Last night he couldn't even jump up on our bed :(

After examining his legs the Vet said it appears he has arthritis from old age. She said everything is functioning correctly, he just appears stiff/sore etc. She started him on a joint supplement to help with this issue. She also started him on a pain reliever to use when needed.

She said Jackson looks great and no signs of cancer at all. All the internal bumps I feel are fatty tissue and the sores on his feet/legs are nothing to be alarmed about. If they bother him I can use anti itch shampoo. She said when cancer is progressing she sees weird skin stuff but that is not what she sees on Jackson.

When I told her its almost been 6 months since his surgery and we were told he had 2 months to live if we didn't do chemo she was surprised they even said that. She said after having a grade III MCT removed, 6-12 months survival is awesome and she sees Jackson having at least another 6 months. She thinks once the new meds are started he'll feel a lot better.

All I can say is "whew!" I am so so so so so eternally grateful for all this wonderful news!!! We feel blessed to have Jackson with us each and every day!
Jackson celebrated the good news with a McDouble :)


Beka said...

i love how much you LOVE your dog:) he's gotta be the luckiest dog on the block!!

And Haylee is too cute:) i cant wait for my first parent teacher conference- glad she's doing well- my boys love school too- i'm so glad - i knew they would!!

Shelley said...
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Shelley said...

Thanks Beka. He was our "child" for 5 years before we had Haylee. He's loved so much!

Glad your boys like school too. Don't they go all day? Lucky you :)

I can't believe your little Princess is 6 weeks old already!!