Saturday, February 26, 2011

10 Months

In just 2 short months my baby Natalee will be 1 year old!

She weighs right around 22 lbs.

Natalee likes to spend most of her days standing up. She'll pull herself up onto anything and everything. She likes to walk along holding onto things and is constantly getting into stuff. Typical exploring baby!

Some things to remember~

*Wears a size 3 diaper.

*Wears 9 months clothes although they are getting tight.

*No longer an army crawler. She crawls on all 4's.

*She has 4 teeth!

*Sadly, she has her 2nd ear infection.

*She claps her hands really good. If we clap and say "yay Natalee" she claps her hands.

*Has been opening and closing her hands a lot more as to say bye bye.

*Loves to play in Jackson's water bowl, try to eat his dog food, and contantly plays with and looks out of his dog door.

*We have to close all the doors downstairs and put a gate up at the stairs because she is into everything and has started crawling up the stairs.

*She needs a helmet. This poor little girls is contantly falling and getting hurt. She seems to always have a bruise on her head in one place or another and she has had several bloody lips. I can't remember Haylee getting hurt so much.

*Says "mama", "baba" and "bubba" but no "dada" yet.

*Hates getting her diaper changed or getting dressed.

*Still nurses in the morning. Eats mostly table foods, and some baby food. Her favorite food right now is grapes. She also likes steamed carrots sliced up and baby goldfish.

*Drinks 6-8 oz. bottles between eating "real" food.

*Sleeping 11-12 hours at night. Goes to bed at 8pm and wakes up between 7-8am. Lay her down with her bear bear, binkie and blanket. Turn on her night light and crib music and shut her door. She usually goes right to sleep.
*Her naps have been awesome the past few weeks. She'll take a morning nap about 2-2 1/2 hours after waking up. She usually sleeps 1-1 1/2 hours. Her afternoon nap is about 3 hours from her morning nap and she sleeps 2 hours, sometimes longer.

*Such a happy baby. Always smiling and laughing except when her teeth coming in are bothering her.

*Loves to play with Haylee and crawl around chasing her.

*Loves baths but is constantly standing up and I have to keep sitting her down.

*Her hair is getting thicker and longer. I love it.

*Loves to dance to music and rock back and forth. We call it jammin' out.

*Shakes her head yes and no.

Natalee, you are the sweetest little baby. I love how chubby and adorable you are. You are so happy and I just love to squeeze you. Thank you for being such a good girl and sleeping so good for Mommy. I can't believe you're gonna be 1 year old in just 2 short months. I love you so much and I'm so thankful to be your Mommy!