Monday, February 7, 2011

Party Day

Saturday was our party day. Haylee and I went to Cami's baby shower in the morning.

Cami & Justin (Josh's little brother) are expecting little Hunter next month.

We played games, ate yummy food and watch Cami open cute baby boy stuff. We had a fun time!

Saturday afternoon we went to Sam's (my niece) birthday party.

It's so hard to believe she is 17 already. I remember when she was born. Of course I was only 10, but I still remember her as a baby. How time flies...

Speaking of time flying, baby Natalee got her 3rd tooth yesterday. Oh, and our new entertainment around here is chasing Haylee around the house with Natalee in a stroller.

I say "a" stroller because it's not her stroller, but who needs to spend a lot of money on a fancy stroller when we can use Haylee's doll stroller?