Wednesday, February 16, 2011

V Day

We celebrated Valentine's Day all weekend. Mostly because Haylee thought it was Valentine's Day all weekend! This is our holiday celebration in pictures.

Saturday we went to the Queen Creek Farmer's Market. Haylee got an apron and a potted flower from the Home Depot booth. I asked the "plant" guy how to "care" for her plant. He says "I don't know." Nice...neither do I.

Saturday night the girls exchanged Valentine's gifts. Hannah gave Haylee & Natalee stuffed animals, and Grandma gave the girls candy.

Haylee & Natalee made cookies and cards for Hannah & Grandma and also gave Grandma a key chain with a picture of both of them on it! All 3 girls were happy.

On Sunday the girls made Valentine's Day cookies with Grandma. She put the frosting on,

and the girls decorate them.

Oh, and ate them too!

Haylee made Josh and I both a card and a cookie. She is our sweet little girl.

On Monday, Josh went by Paradise Bakery to pick up the cookie we ordered for the girls and then stopped to get each of them a balloon.

After being told not to buy me anything Josh still came home with flowers and a card. He is a sweet hubby.

Natalee loves her balloon,

and Haylee loves my flowers!

I put a few flowers in a vase for her and she put them in her room.

Jackson loves his Froggy!

We had a wonderful Valentine's weekend at our house, but I'm really looking forward to a weekend away just Josh and I. Seems like it has been so long since the 2 of us had a vacation. This will be the first time we've left Natalee over night and I am so sad. I'm thankful my Mom is watching the girls for us and I hope they behave for Grandma! I'm sure gonna miss my crazy lil' sweethearts.