Friday, February 25, 2011

Sick, Stockpile & Stayin' In

The title pretty much sums up our past week. I woke up last Friday with a sore throat and I've been sick ever since. I hate being sick. As of today, I think I might have finally kicked it. Unfortunately, Haylee has a little cold now and baby N was up at 3am Wednesday morning screaming. Turns out she has an ear infection. I have never seen her so miserable. That was the roughest night we've had around here in awhile. Luckily, Natalee feels so much better, and she would be 100% if it weren't for her painful upper teeth coming in. Haylee acts fine, bouncing off the walls and all, she just sounds congested. So with the exception of taking Natalee to the doctor Wednesday, we've been in the house since last weekend. Talk about cabin fever. I did escape tonight finally to run some errands, but I'm hiding the girls inside for awhile. The biggest bummer, our Oak Creek getaway had to be postponed for 3 weeks. I just couldn't leave the girls when they aren't feeling 100%.

Since it was rainy last Saturday and Sunday I decided to clean out my pantries and organize my stockpile. I was running out of room for all my food and I needed to rearrange things to make everything fit. The joy of couponing. My current savings so far this year is $1440.47. That includes every trip to Fry's, Bashas, Albertson's, Safeway, CVS or Walgreen's that I have used coupons along with sales. I say that's pretty darn awesome.

I have 17 boxes of unopened cereal along with enough oatmeal, cocoa and cookie mix to last a lifetime. I have stockpiled salsa, Ragu, salad dressing, bbq sauce, terriyaki sauce, A1, sugar, peanut butter, Chex Mix, brownie mix and muffin mix. Macaroni & cheese, dog treats, drinks (sobe, vitaminwater, gatorade, powerade, soda), paper towels, napkins, Hefty one zip bags, disposable plates and plastic cups. Aluminum foil, dishwasher detergent, kleenex, tp, Clorox wipes, hand soap, 15 bottles of Wisk and baby wipes. And that's just downstairs. My mom said my pantry looks like the grocery store, just better stocked!

Upstairs I've stockpiled shampoo, condtioner, deoderant, toothpaste, toothbrushes, chapstick, lotion, razors, bar soap, diapers, and Scrubbing Bubbles to name a few things.

Next up, I plan on stockpiling fabric softener as I have about 7 coupons for $3/1 Gain and Walmart has it for $3.26 I believe.

I share a lot of what I buy with my brother. Afterall, I wouldn't be able to get the quantities I do without his help getting me all my coupon inserts. I also share a lot of cat food and treats with my sister and mom. You'd think I have 10 cats with all the free treats and food I get! (I don't have any) Last weekend I was able to get 7-4.5lb bags of Science Diet dog food for free at Petsmart with coupons. Jackson doesn't eat that food (neither is he a small or toy breed), but my sister or the pet shelter could sure use it. I would never have thought I could get so many things for free. I am so thankful I found Sheryl's site, it has truly changed my life.

And that's what we've have been up to! Now it's time for another cold, rainy weekend, but this time I need to get out and get some fresh air. Oh, and hit Fry's to stock my freezer now with lot's of food!