Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Jane Seymour

Tonite Josh and I attended a screening for the new movie Waiting For Forever (which opens this weekend). We were told to be there 30-60 minutes early because they overbook the theater to make sure it's full. Well we got there exactly an hour early, but barely made it in. We stood outside while they let this line of people go in and when we got to the door they stopped us and said most likely there is no more room and we would have to leave. Well, then this guy comes up and announces it's booked but that Jane Seymour will have a little question and answer with us. We got to talk to her and her husband (James Keach) who directed the movie, and then I asked for her autograph and Josh took a picture of us (we were outside and it was dark, hence the crappy lighting) with his cell phone.

Mostly everyone that was turned away had left by this point. Jane told me that they had reserved 3 seats for her and that she wouldn't actually be sitting in them so she was sure I could have them!!! She asked the Harkins lady to double check on the seating. The lady came back and said 10 more people could come in!! Sweet. We just made it in.

Anyways, great movie, had awesome seats, and they did a long question and answer after the movie. Jane is so sweet and has the cutest accent. When they first mentioned her name I thought "why is she here?" Well she was the executive producer. Although I knew the name, I couldn't put a face to it. She is obviously most known as Dr. Michaela "Mike" Quinn in the TV series Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, but when I got home I looked her up to see what else she has been in that I would know her better. She was in Wedding Crashers and also appeared on the 5th season of Dancing With The Stars.

Woo hoo, a little touch of Hollywood!