Sunday, January 20, 2013

Vegas {Jan 11-14}

We enjoyed a wonderful weekend in Las Vegas last weekend. We took my niece Samantha for her birthday and it was the first time she had been to Vegas. Just our luck a major cold front came through leaving us with temperatures in the 30's and low 40's the majority of the weekend and in the 20's at night, BRRRRRR!!!!

We drove over Friday evening and had a pretty uneventful trip, just the kind we like. When we got there we drove down the strip and then went to our hotel to check in and haul up all of our bags. After we got settled we went right to bed, big partiers I know!
Saturday we were up bright and early (thanks to Natalee) and so we got ready and went out to Fremont Street. We went into the Golden Nugget to see the sharks and then we found a Dunkin Donuts since Natalee loves her "baby donuts". After that we went to Excaliber but we didn't spend too much time there because Papa Jim called and we headed over there. We spent all day with Josh's Dad and Step Mom. We had lunch at Red Robin, then we went to Michael and Emily's where the girls braved the frigid temperatures to play on the swing set. The girls were bundled up with boys clothes, too cute!
After we left there we went back to Jim and Kris's for awhile and then had dinner at a yummy mexican restaurant there in town. The girls had a blast playing with their boy cousins all day and seeing their Papa and Grandma too.
That night Sam and I went down to Fremont Street to grab a Strawberry Daiquiri in the big ol' cups and then came right back to the room because it was just too cold. After the girls went to bed that night Josh went out to play a few slots and walk around. I don't know how he survived the cold.
Sunday was our "see Vegas in 1 day" day and we had such a fun time. We started out at Silverton to see the fish and stingrays.
From there we went to M&M World and watched the 3D movie.
 Then we walked all around getting pictures with the girls favorite characters.
We enjoyed a Cherry Coke Float at Coke World which the girls loved (our girls never drink soda).
Oh, and the girls played a few slots!
What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.....just kidding, they really didn't play.

From there it was Circus Circus time. We started in the midway where we played a few games.
The girls each won 2 animals and we watched a circus act.
Then we went to the Adventuredome and got the girls wristbands and they rode the rides over and over and over again. No joke. They'd get get off the ride and run back around and get right back on. They rode the hot air balloons, the carousel, school bus, airplanes, choo choo roller coaster and the frog hop.
While we were there Josh won the girls each a Hello Kitty and a Keroppi out of the crane game. He was on fire! We were there most of the afternoon/evening and then we made our way back to the room to start packing some things up.

That night Sam and I decided to put on 10 layers (ok, not quite that many but close) and brave the cold to enjoy our last night there. We got another big drink, played some slots and went shopping in the ABC Store. I love staying on Fremont St because everything is so much closer together so we didn't have to freeze too long as we went from casino to casino.
Monday we just drove home. And then of course I killed my back. Party Foul. Not a great ending to our super fun weekend but we did have a blast in Vegas. And these little girls can't wait to go back!