Thursday, January 17, 2013

Rough Week

This has been a rough week.

Last Wednesday (9th)  marked 14 years since I lost my Dad. It makes me sad because that means he's been gone almost as long as he was in my life. Some memories start to fade but I am thankful for those memories that I will never forget.

Last Thursday (10th) marked 3 months since we lost sweet Jackson. I miss my little boy. It's been so cold and I wish he was here snuggling up with me in bed. Little Haylee talks about him often and misses him so much. When Natalee sees his picture she'll say "aww Jackson" but otherwise doesn't really talk about him.

Then of course as we were arriving home Monday from Vegas I bent down to get a package out of the mailbox and instantly felt extreme pain. I couldn't even sit down to drive home so I had to drag myself home as Sam carried both girls home. Josh was just a bit behind us so he got home right after we did. I was in so much pain and couldn't even move. I went to AFC on Tuesday where I learned I have a bulging disc, most likely L5. The xray wasn't clear enough to tell since my spine is completely curved right now. My whole body is lopsided. I started electronic treatment and getting adjustments yesterday and will continue for 5 weeks (12 treatments total). My xray also showed a lot of spasms and my muscles are very swollen. So that explains why I'm in so much pain. Each day gets a little easier but I usually just lay in bed with an ice pack. Thankfully my Mom stayed home Tuesday and then went in late yesterday so she could take me to my appt. And she has been coming over every morning to get Haylee ready and take her to school. My friend Kelly has been picking Haylee up and bringing her home. And Sam has been here the past couple days to help me and help out with the girls as well. Today I'm on my own so I hope I survive. It's crazy how proud I get when I can sit to go potty or when I can brush my teeth. Things I use to take for granted. Its just hard to sit and to bend at all. My sweet husband even shaved my legs for me last night. It's been rough.

The good news of the week is Haylee girl received Honor Roll for the 3rd grading period. She received all A's except for 2 categories (writing application and reading) where she got B's. We are so proud of our Smartie Pants!