Thursday, December 3, 2015

Haylee is 8!

Haylee chose a My Little Pony, Rainbow Dash party for her 8th Birthday. And I delivered.

For her friend party, we had rainbow themed activities, decorations and food!
 10 of her friends from school & Girl Scouts came over to help celebrate!
 After her friends left, the family arrived for a second party! We ate, opened presents and then the big cupcake was revealed.
Everyone took turns smashing their face in it (except Kaleb who preferred to dip his finger in the frosting)!
 Haylee had a wonderful day and felt so loved. I can't believe my sweet, little Haylee is 8!

She has turned into such a fashionista, wearing bows and necklaces to school and cute slip on shoes. She is friendly to everyone, making friends wherever she goes and is the smartest little girl I know! We sure love her!