Saturday, May 2, 2015

Natalee is 5!

Last weekend we celebrated Natalee's birthday with a Doc McStuffins birthday party!

She had 5 of her little friends from school come over to celebrate and join in the doctor fun!
They did check ups in the "clinic".
They had fun snacks including McStuffins Muffins, Chilly's Noses (Carrots) and an Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away. And don't forget the edible doctor supplies; gauze, q-tips, cotton balls, tongue depressors and shots!
Natalee opened her presents, we sang Happy Birthday and ate cupcakes.
Natalee had a blast and loved seeing her favorite friends.
Then our families came over for round 2! Josh grilled and Natalee opened more presents. I'm pretty sure her favorite gifts were Tic Tacs, Bandaids and Money!
Then we sang Happy Birthday again and watched Natalee enjoy her giant cupcake!
The kids had a blast playing together, the weather was absolutely perfect and Natalee felt so loved!

I can't believe my little baby is 5. Where have the last 5 years gone?! Natalee is definitely my little strong willed, patience testing child. She's so different from her sister but loved just the same!

Some of her favorites include-
*Spending her limited Ipad time building things on MineCraft.
*Watching Paw Patrol and Sofia the First episodes over and over.
*Fruit snacks.
*Asking for her daily piece of candy all morning/afternoon till she gets it.
*Riding her Razor scooter.
*Playing Mommy to her baby Lorax.
*Opening blind bags-My Little Pony, MineCraft, Sheriff Callie etc.
*Wearing dresses.
*Playing doctor and dentist.
*Going to the park.
*Playing outside on the trampoline and swing set.
*Eating otterpops, yogurt, fruit and pancakes.
*Bear Bear, Lorax and Foxy.
*Putting on shows for us with Haylee and Hannah.

Other things to remember at this age-
*She rarely takes naps anymore.
*She goes to bed at 8pm and wakes up around 6:30am.
*It took her longer to nighttime potty train but she's finally got it. I thought she was being lazy but she honestly didn't even know she was doing it.
*She knows all of her letters except 2- Y and C.
*She is so excited to start Kindergarten in July! She found out her teacher is Mrs. Haughen and her friend from preschool is in her class.
*She is so funny, always saying or doing something that makes us laugh!
*She is fearless, yet she is afraid of amusement rides.
*She took a few gymnastic classes with her preschool friends and can do a back bend and a front roll and is practicing her splits and cartwheels.
*She is terrified of Chucky and Annabelle although she's never seen either movie.
*She is always "packing" purses with chapstick, bandaids and other random things.

We love our sweet little Natalee. She has made our family complete!