Thursday, December 3, 2015

First Day of School 2015

The girls started school at the end of July and so far they are both doing AMAZING!

First Day of School
Natalee is in Mrs. Haugen's class and loves half day Kindergarten. She likes learning and loves having homework. I'm not going to lie, having patience during homework time is difficult somedays but she's improved so much in the last 4 months. She received Principal's Pride the 1st semester and is currently earning all A's now. She is proving to be quite the little genius and her teacher loves having her in her class.
I'm finding that most days I don't have time to get everything done in the 3 hours she is gone but it's a nice break and we're settling into a great schedule. As soon as she gets home we eat lunch and do homework. That way I can help her without more chaos around us.

Haylee has Ms. Sandmann for 3rd grade and loves her. Haylee is thriving this year;  she loves to learn, gets straight A's and is a wonderful student. I love how she makes new friends so easily and how she is a wonderful big sister. I drop them both off at Natalee's playground in the morning and Haylee stays with her till the whistle blows. Then she gives Natalee a hug and a kiss and goes to her playground to line up.
I love that Haylee can do her homework on her own and I love how independent both girls are becoming. I have been blessed with 2 little, smarty pants!