Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter 2015

The girls and I colored eggs Friday. I love that they're at an age where they can color the eggs by themselves AND not make much of a mess!

 The Easter Bunny came! I love that I still have 2 little believers.
 Natalee was a tad excited about her Tsum Tsums! Haylee was too!
And Kona waited patiently for her basket. Yes our dog gets a basket and yes our dog has her own egg hunt! She's one of the kids. And a daily reminder of how much she's just like Jackson.
Sadly, I didn't get pictures of the girls doing their egg hunts, just a video. Well except for this egg Josh hid in Natalee's cup. He's a nut! The girls love looking for eggs and they do an awesome job finding them.
 And then it was time for church. And I must say these 2 girls are absolutely beautiful!
Of course during the Easter Service when the Pastor was explaining Jesus' body was missing from the tomb saying "and do you know what happened?" Natalee shouts out "I know what happened!". And everyone started laughing and looking at us. We're talking hundreds of people. And let's not forget when Josh came out of the bedroom and Natalee saw him and said "wow Dad, you look famous!" She cracks us up!

We had a wonderful day celebrating the real meaning of Easter and spending time as a family!