Sunday, June 15, 2014

The party is over...

My week long birthday celebration has come to an end....and I'm exhausted!

I started celebrating last Thursday when me, my Mom and 2 of her friends from work went to see The Full Monty.  And OMG it was not what I had expected! I saw the show at Broadway Palm when I worked there and it was nothing like the version at Mesa Art Center. Let's just say I felt like I was at a strip club for the first 10 minutes!

Friday, my sweet friend Crystal brought me a dozen cupcakes (she makes the best cakes!) and took me to get a pedicure. Totally unexpected, she is too nice!

After that we went to see The Fault in Our Stars and I tried to keep it together but couldn't. Sad movie.

Saturday (my actual birthday) I started the day at a Doterra party where I learned even more about the amazing benefits of essential oils. I am so excited to get started using these oils but it's kinda overwhelming figuring it all out. After the party Josh took me out for the day. We went to see A Million Ways to Die in the West which was super lame. If I were a 12 year old boy I would have found it hilarious, but I'm not. Oh well. Lunch at Native New Yorker made up for it since I got a free lunch for my birthday. Then we went shopping to kill time and ended our day at the Tempe Improv where we saw Justin Willman from Cupcake Wars. I absolutely love the Little Cabana Boy drinks there. Strawberry Smirnoff, Lemonade and Strawberry Puree. To die for!!!

I had a wonderful birthday. Turning 31 wasn't so bad after all. I received so many texts, Facebook messages and phone calls and it made my day. I felt so loved. Aside from a wonderful day out, Josh got me a gift card to get a pedicure and a gift card for Kohl's. Both my favorites!!!

But the party didn't stop there......on Sunday my Mom, Timmy (nephew), the girls and I headed to Cancun Resort in Las Vegas!!!
We had an uneventful ride there, checked in and the girls and I went to the pool while Mom took a nap.
 That night we went to NY NY to check out the new Hershey World,
then we went to Showcase Mall to go to the ABC Store (our fav) and walked around the strip.
At midnight we called it a night and headed back to our resort.

Monday we went to Jim and Kris's to swim and BBQ. It was so nice to see everyone and the girls got to play with 6 of their boy cousins. After nap that day we went to The LINQ which is a new shopping mall area with restaurants and the home of the High Roller. We went in a few of the shops,
the girls made wishes and tossed pennies in this awesome fountain,
we saw the flamingos,
and ate at Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville.
Then we got pictures with the Showgirls! I was just going to take Timmy's picture but they called the girls over :/
The balloon guy made the girls a penguin and a Princess Sofia crown.
Then it was time to hop aboard the High Roller and go 550 ft above the Las Vegas strip. It was pretty cool, the girls even liked it!
 (I didn't get the 550 ft picture because I was videoing it)
Natalee was cold so she wore Timmy's shirt.
The rest of the night we walked around taking pictures with people dressed up on the strip and we watched the fountains at the Bellagio.
 Oh and the girls won big at the Bellagio! They didn't actual play ;)
Once again we called it a night right around midnight.

Tuesday was our busy day. We started the day at Circus Circus which is always the girls' favorite place. They played games in the Midway and won lots of stuffed animals. Then we went to the Adventuredome to play a few more games but didn't go on any rides this time because we were running out of time.
We left Circus Circus and went to Planet Hollywood where we took the girls to see the Popovich Comedy Pet Theatre. It was cute; lots of cats and dogs doing different things. Haylee really liked it. Natalee fell asleep, she was exhausted. Then I dropped Mom and the girls back off at the resort to take a nap and swim while Timmy and I went to see Zarkana. This was my 14th Cirque Du Soleil show and one of my favorites. This was Timmy's first show and I was so happy to introduce him to the world of Cirque! He loved it too! After the show we went to get the girls and headed back to the Showcase Mall to finish where we left off Sunday night. We went in the M&M store, ABC store and Marshall's. Then we headed to Fremont St. Thankfully it was late, and a Tuesday night so there weren't a lot of freaks there. I've said I won't bring the girls there because it's too trashy but I didn't see anything inappropriate this time. We took the girls to the Golden Nugget to see the shark tank and went in a couple stores. By then it was after 1am so we called it a night.

Wednesday we headed home. Uneventful ride again (woo hoo) and the girls were excited to see their Daddy.

The girls were total troopers while we were there. They both took late naps each day so we could stay out late each night. They walked their little legs all around the strip till 12-1am each night and never complained.