Wednesday, May 28, 2014

1st week of summer

This pool has been a lifesaver! They go in it 3 times a day at least.

Aside from swimming, we've watched some old school movies (Home Alone, Little Rascals and Edward Scissorhands), colored and cut out My Little Pony's and stocked the good girl basket with fun goodies. The behavior charts are up and the girls are earning stickers for being good. They are also losing stickers for fighting with each other and having attitudes.

I took Haylee to see Flat Stanley at the Palms Theatre on Saturday and we loved it. I laughed the whole time; cute show!
After the show I took Haylee to Build A Bear because she got a gift card for her birthday and she has been dying to make a My Little Pony. Yes, that is her new obsession. She made an adorable Fluttershy. I told her I'd take her back later this week to get the accessories for her since I left her other money at home.
We've gotten a good summer routine going. Unfortunately Natalee still continues to wake up at 6:30 every morning and neither Haylee or I are ready to wake up then. Haylee eventually gets up and plays with her while I get to sleep a little longer. They eat breakfast, watch cartoons and today they made bracelets together. Sometimes I wake up to find Natalee has raided the pantry.
Natalee still takes a nap everyday since it's exhausting to wake up at the butt crack of dawn, swim and make messes! While she naps Haylee gets to play on the Ipad which means she watches My Little Pony videos and plays her new My Little Pony game she downloaded. I usually lay on the floor next to her and ice my back. I'm still trying to take it easy and so far my back is feeling better. I hate my back. And I'm terrified the sciatic pain may come back.

I'm looking forward to play dates, Summer Movie Fun at Harkins and Vegas in 2 weeks. We're also planning our annual Staycation and getting excited to go camping a few times to escape the heat. The girls go to summer camp next month; just twice a week for 3 hours and I am looking forward to that too!!!

And Kona has finally figured out it's way cooler to stay inside so she keeps us company a lot more now.
1 week down, 9 1/2 more to go!