Monday, May 26, 2014

Last day of school

School has been out for over a week already and so far I am surviving!

Natalee's last day of school was Thursday. She took the cutest little owl cookies to school to give out to all of her friends.

Has she changed in the past 9 months?
Maybe a little. She loved preschool. She made new friends, learned a lot (I love how she writes her name) and had the best teachers ever!
She came home with little goodies and had fun at her water party.
Haylee's last day of school was Friday. Has she changed in the past 9 months?
I know she has learned a TON in the past 9 months. I can't believe 1st graders are learning multiplication already.

Her original teacher had to leave half way through the school year so after a few temporary replacements, Ms. Yandell was her teacher for the rest of the year. Haylee really liked her.
This year for end of year teacher gifts, I got their teachers cookie bouquets.
I've condensed a couple of the end of school traditions this year.

*I made collages with their first day of school and last day of school pictures along with a picture with their teacher(s).
*I had both of their teachers write in their Oh The Places You'll Go book.
*I made a new questionnaire and will trace their hand print on the back. It includes all their favorite things about school and life at this point.
*I recorded Haylee talking about her favorite memories of 1st grade in her recordable book.
*I still need to write their letters about all the things they learned this year and how proud of them we are. I did give them their end of the year present though. I had Natalee's teacher make her a necklace (she made Haylee one too) so she can always remember her preschool teacher.
And I bought Haylee a beautiful Hello Kitty necklace.
It's hard to believe my little Haylee will be in 2nd grade next year. Even harder to believe school starts July 31st!!! And sweet little Natalee will be in Mrs Brianne's preschool again and will continue to learn and prepare for Kindergarten!