Saturday, July 27, 2013

Saturday Ramblings

Josh has been on his "diet" for almost 3 weeks. He juices in the morning, eats a healthy lunch and most importantly, no more soda! He is still dealing with the caffeine withdrawls so hopefully those go away soon. I've been going to the ranch market and when I get home Josh separates everything into "kits" so juicing is faster in the morning. I'm very proud of him and how disciplined he is.

A couple weeks ago Sam and I took the girls to AZ Mills.
They played in the play area and we took them to Sea Life Aquarium.
They had a lot of fun and were really good the whole time :)

We have been loving the monsoons these past few weeks.
It's cooled off enough some afternoons that the girls can enjoy some fresh air outside without passing out from heat stroke.
Last Thursday I hurt my back again. Yes I'm an idiot. I bent over to pull the water table and instantly knew it was a bad choice. The Dr thinks it's more of a muscle issue this time (like a pulled muscle) instead of further injury to my disc but I've been in so much pain. I get absolutely no relief. It hurts when I sit, drive, stand and lay down. Aleve and Ibuprofen don't touch it. Not only does my back hurt, the sciatic pain down my leg has intensified. I am miserable.

I have an appointment with a Spine Surgeon on the 16th of August (they had to reschedule from the original appt already) and I am praying he will be able to look at my MRI and know exactly what treatment I need. I stopped going to the chiro I've been seeing the past 3 months because it's just not helping anything. So in the next 3 weeks I pray my the new injury will heal and that I can concentrate on the original concern of getting my disc back into place so it quits pressing on my sciatic. I'd give anything to only have the come-and-go tolerable sciatic leg pain I had a week ago. Now it's intense pain, all the time and my back aches too. This sucks.

This past week Haylee went to a summer camp from 9-4 everyday. She did karate, dance, tumbling, swimming, went to SMF at Harkins, saw Turbo and went to Skateland. It was a super fun week for her and worth every penny (I bought the deal off Groupon).
Natalee wishes she went to summer camp too.
Instead of taking Natalee to do fun things everyday I spent most of the time laying on an ice pack. We did manage breakfast at Chik-fil-a one day
and Friday I took her to the mall to ride the carousel and play in the play area.
We also enjoyed a nap together everyday. I still loved the one on one time with my sweet girl, just didn't quite spend the time doing stuff I would have liked. Oh well.

I finished all the back to school shopping this past week too. Haylee had quite the list of supplies but Natalee only needed antibacterial wipes. Simple enough. Both girls already got their cute back packs, lunch boxes and Haylee got some new uniform shirts, skirts and a dress. They are all ready to go. Haylee meets her teacher Tuesday and starts school Thursday. Natalee starts next Tuesday. This will be Haylee's first year going to school all day and eating lunch at school too. I told her she could eat lunch from the cafeteria once a week and the other days she will be bringing her lunch. I can't believe how big my girls are getting!

Last weekend we went camping for the first time in 4 years. We've went up for the day but this is the first time we stayed over night. And this was Natalee's first time sleeping in a tent and she loved it! We only stayed one night because of my back but the weather was perfect and the girls had a blast. I will do an entire post on our trip this week including lots of pictures.