Sunday, July 28, 2013


Last Saturday we headed up to the rim to join my Mom and Dustin.
We went to a new spot this time just past Strawberry and loved it. It only took 2 1/2 hours from our house and it wasn't too rugged for our car. We definitely have a new camping spot!
The weather was beautiful. It rained a little but not much. The night before we got there it poured on my Mom and Dustin and they didn't have a tarp on the tent so everything got soaked. But it was cool, overcast and just beautiful.
The girls had a blast running wild,
catching butterflies and caterpillars,
playing croquet,
and playing horse shoes.
We roasted marshmallows, made super yummy smores and told stories around the fire.
(Professional Marshmallow Roaster)
 (Finished Product!!)
We checked out potato lake, explored the forest and ate yummy food.
This was the first time Natalee has been camping overnight and slept in a tent.
Both girls slept great but Natalee didn't want to keep her covers on and it got a bit chilly early in the morning.

We can't wait to go again!