Wednesday, June 5, 2013


It officially summer. The 100+ degree temperatures confirm that. Time to hibernate till October.

I kicked off the summer by going to California. Josh and the girls kicked off the summer by going to see Epic and grilling carne asada with Grandma Kayanne and Grandpa David.

I am so excited for all the new movies coming out this summer. Both kid movies and funny adult movies. I have a feeling we'll be spending a lot of weekends at Harkins. And every Friday we will be there too since we're doing the Summer Movie Fun for the 2nd year. I love spending my Friday's with my brother and I love that Natalee will finally sit through a movie!
This past weekend we cleaned out the garage and I started pulling out all of my baby stuff to finally sell. After I had it all spread out in the living room I said to Josh, "are you sure you don't want anymore babies before I get rid of all this?" And my Mom seems to think I am jinxing myself and that since I am selling everything I will get pregnant. To that Josh said "well then it (the baby) won't have anything." Hahaha. We are officially done done. It has been sad to get rid of the things that hold such precious memories but it's just been sitting in the closet for years.
Monday was the first day of swimming lesson for the year.
The girls are doing lessons at Superstition Shadows Aquatic Center this year. I put Natalee in both the classes they offer for her age and so far Haylee is just registered in level 2 since she's already done the "adjusting to water" stuff and knows the basics. It's time for her to learn and practice more. Natalee loved her class yesterday (because they didn't make her go under yet)
and Haylee was in tears because she couldn't get the stick under the water.
The joys of swimming lessons. At least I know there is hope since I went through so much with both of them last year and they survived.
2 weeks (almost) of summer down.....way too many to go!