Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Great Outdoors...

The girls love their new swing set. They spend countless hours swinging on their bellies...
and zipping down the slide.
And they love to have a snack in the "upstairs loft".
We still need Josh to scoot the whole swing set back an anchor it for extra safety. In the mean time, the girls are playing nicely on it.

Charlotte loves all the time the girls spend outside because that means she gets to eat at the all you can eat buffet all day long. I gave her an avocado the other morning and I laughed so hard because everything was sticking to her messy face!
Good thing she cleaned herself up in time for a play date with her sister Lizzy. They are from the same "litter" so it's funny how different they are in size. They like to play follow the leader until Charlotte decides to bite Lizzy's shell.
And in other news, Natalee decided to throw the new happy meal toy in the toilet today and flush it. Glad Josh has plumbing experience!