Monday, March 25, 2013

Perfect Weekend.

I had such a wonderful weekend!

Friday we took the girls to see The Croods. This was the test to see if Natalee would behave so we could do Summer Movie Fun at Harkins this summer. And she passed the test! She sat through the movie like a good girl. I love that Natalee is finally at an age where we can take her to do a lot more fun things. Haylee loved the movie and loved eating her cheesy popcorn!

Saturday Josh took the girls to Kaleb and Kenzie's birthday party and I went with my Mom to Lauren's baby shower. It worked out perfect! It was fun to visit with old friends and see Lauren open all of her cute little boy stuff. My Mom and I went to lunch and dinner and did plenty of shopping before and after the shower and we had such a wonderful day. The girls chased peacocks, ate icee's and played at the park all day and had fun with family.
Sunday was Jackson's 11th Birthday. After church I went and got him 11 balloons and my Mom, Dustin and Hannah came over for dinner. I made yummy cupcakes with peaches and cream frosting and we sang Happy Birthday to our sweet boy.
Then we tied his cupcake to the balloons, wrote messages on them for him and let them go.
I was so worried they weren't gonna make it up very high but I watched them till they were so high I couldn't see them anymore. I hope he enjoyed his cupcake.
We all miss Jackson so much. I came across a quote that is so perfect, "if love could have saved you, you would have lived forever." And that is so true. Everyone who knew Jackson loved him. He was a special boy and will always have a special place in my heart.