Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Never Ending Easter

Was it just me or did Easter seem to never end this year? I think it's because we did all of our celebrations on Saturday (2 egg hunts, family dinner, egg dyeing at Grandma's etc) so by the time the girls got their baskets Sunday morning, did their 3rd egg hunt and we went to church I was done. Then I remembered we still had eggs for the girls to dye. Eeek!

So back to Saturday. Our HOA did an egg hunt that morning which was the girls first egg hunt aside from at our house or Grandma's.
There were over 100 kids and more than 1000 eggs hidden at the park and the girls had a lot of fun.
Each girl found 5 eggs packed with starburst, tootsie rolls, stickers and toys, our HOA did a great job for a first time egg hunt.
Right after the egg hunt the girls got to go see the Easter Bunny, or as I called him, Creeper Bunny.
The girls saw the EB at 2 different malls so they know what the "real" EB looks like. Haylee told me "that wasn't the real EB. I heard him talk and I saw his shirt. That was some guy dressed up." Hahaha, she cracks me up.
But since we didn't want to spend $20 for one picture at the mall, a picture with Creeper Bunny was gonna have to do.
Next we went to Grandma's to color eggs. 
Natalee did very well this year. Of course we heard "I do it myself" (her favorite saying) but she did great and didn't make any major messes!
Then it was nap time, and I love how Natalee tells me she is ready for a nap each day. She'll say "I go take a nap." Love it! After nap we went back to Grandma's for our Easter dinner complete with ham and all the fixings. The only pictures I took were of the dessert because the "candy overload cake" my Mom saw on Pinterest was made especially for Natalee.
I don't think she actually ate the chocolate cake, but she ate plenty of peeps and hand fulls of M&M's. After our bellies were full the girls did their 2nd egg hunt at Grandma's and they were excited to find stickers, candy, tattoos and money in Grandma's eggs!!!!
Oh and Hannah found a bug that Josh brought and hid as a joke.
That night we played games at our house and taste tested the new Seagrams in preparation of our Girls Weekend in California.

Sunday the girls awoke to find the EB had paid them a visit.
They were so excited about all of their goodies and excited to have another egg hunt!
The EB brought pre-filled eggs and we also added a few eggs with money.
We went to the 12pm service at our church and my Mom joined us too.
There were 146 people being baptized and the girls stayed with us to experience it all. Unfortunately since I had Natalee the whole service I only caught bits and piece of the message :( That is one of the main reasons we love our church, the girls have their own class they learn in and we can fully enjoy or sermon in peace and quiet. But for Easter and Christmas we love to celebrate as a family.
After church my Mom treated us to Paradise Bakery. I am addicted to their new Tortellini Alfredo or as Natalee says "turtle wieney" lol!

The end of the night we finally colored eggs at our house and added Hello Kitty stickers and masks to the eggs.
The girls had fun and slept very soundly that night after a crazy, busy weekend. And so did I!