Monday, March 18, 2013

Happy Monday (Being Positive)

Last week was rough. So glad every single thing I whined about in my last post is resolved, or being resolved (leg pain). Thank you God for answered prayers.

With Haylee back in school our regular schedule will resume and I think things will be running smoother. Add in a brand new swing set (Josh spent about 4 days working on) and I'm sure the girls will be staying occupied.

I am loving this beautiful weather lately. If only we could bottle it up and make it last forever! We have definitely been taking full advantage of it. Last weekend we made it out to the Ostrich Festival along with everyone else and their Mom. I'm sure it has to do with the fact that it was raining Friday and Saturday, but Sunday was super crowded. Anyways, the girls had a blast! They each rode 4 rides and got a super cool glitter tattoo.
My favorite part is always the ostrich race. And this year I laughed liked always. I love watching them run around crazy especially when there rider falls off and the run right toward us kicking dirt in our lap. Crazy birds!
I am so glad Dustin, Hannah and Mom joined us this year. We had such a wonderful time!

Last Thursday my Mom and I had plans to take the girls to do something fun that afternoon. We went to lunch at Red Robin but while there Natalee started feeling super crappy. So after lunch we went home to take a nap. After nap we picked up where we left off and went to get Bahama Bucks and let the girls play in the play area at McDonalds. We had planned on going to the park but it had gotten dark and the girls had a blast at McDonalds anyway so it worked out.

Friday I ended up taking Natalee to the Dr because I was literally up with her ALL NIGHT LONG which is totally unlike her. Usually when she is sick and wakes up, I give her medicine and she goes right back to sleep. This time she kept waking up every 10-20 minutes. So ya, after that and the fact she was burning up toward early morning, I wasted no time and took her right in. Verdict- another stupid ear infection, same ear as always. The good news is the Dr said she's getting to the age where ear infections won't be as frequent if any. Yay! She is already feeling better except for the "fun" side effect of antibiotics :(

This weekend my Mom and I took the girls to the Spring Festival at Merrill Ranch. We went last year too and the girls always have fun. This time they rode the ponies, the pink elephants and went crazy in the bounce house.
We also enjoyed a shaved iced while we watched the dog agility. It was actually kinda hot Saturday so the shaved ice was perfect! We walked around the vendors and visited the reptile exhibit full of all sorts of creatures.
My girls are fearless, touching snakes and posing with huge iguanas! And they also got to ride the choo choo all around which of course was Natalee's favorite part!
And I must add, Natalee has been doing fantastic staying dry at night and during naps. Opposite from Haylee, she has continued to pee in her sleep since we started potty training last September. But since Friday night (2 naps and 2 nights) she has stayed dry. Hopefully she has finally gotten the hang of holding it while she sleeps!

We decided to go with the built in headrest DVD players this time around for the new car. Josh ordered them and we got them this weekend. Josh started installing them but he has been sick so he hasn't quite finished them yet. My sanity depends on those things! Without movies the girls get bored and drive me nuts!!!

My jewelry business has been rocking these past 2 months!!! Both months we have sold over $4000 in jewelry! I feel so blessed. Since we are barely getting a tax return this year all of my jewelry income will fund our vacations this year.

And speaking of vacation, 41 days till sailing!! Josh and I are so excited to celebrate our 10th Anniversary going on our 1st cruise. I joked that Josh should request 2 weeks off for our 7 day cruise just in case our Carnival ship gets stuck at sea. I really hope we don't have any delays for my Mom's sake since she will have the girls!

After the cruise I will be cruising Hollywood with my Mom and nieces to celebrate my niece's high school graduation. We leave the day after she graduates! We plan to go to Universal Studios, walk around Hollywood and get sun at the beach!!!

Next Sunday would have been sweet Jackson's 11th Birthday. It's hard to believe it's almost been a year since my Mom spotted the tumor that turned our world upside down. You better believe we will be throwing a party in honor of Jackson and we will be letting 11 balloons go for our little boy.


Beka said...

sorry you are in pain- mother's shouldnt be allowed to get sick!! hope Josh feels better too:) we need to double soon- its been forever!!

that ostrich festival looks so fun- you guys are great at always keeping kids busy

i had NO idea you sold jewelry- thats AWESOME you've had great success!! i wanna do it:)

so excited for you guys to go on your 1st cruise- you will LOVE it:) which one are you going on?

Shelley said...

Hey Beka,
We're doing a Western Caribbean Cruise. I'm so excited, we leave in 25 days!!!

I sell Josh's Grandpa's jewelry on Ebay. Kaysi used to do it but handed it over to me the first of the year. It keeps me busy but I enjoy it and so far this year sales have been great!

Yes, we will have to have a playdate soon! Take care :)