Thursday, September 20, 2012


I have to document it here that Natalee went #2 on the big girl potty today!!!!!!

We are so proud of her. After a couple weeks of going pee in the potty and poo in her pull-up I finally got the brilliant idea yesterday to empty her pull-up in her big girl potty so she could see what it looks like to have poo in there. I guess once she realized it was no different from going pee in there she decided she could do it.

Today she went in the bathroom and closed the door so I went in a minute later assuming she was getting into something, but she just looked up at me from the potty and said "done!" When she got up there was poo!

So like I promised, I took her to McDonald's for an M&M McFlurry and boy was she excited!!!

Haylee was a part of the festivities as well and she loved her Oreo McFlurry. More on that little smartie pants tomorrow!