Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Day in the Life of Me

Nothing exciting going on around here lately. We've just been on our regular schedule of school, gym etc. I call September "the calm before the storm" because starting in October we'll be really busy till after the 1st of the year. Josh and I did enjoy a date night at Studio Movie Grill Saturday night where we saw The Campaign. If only elections were more like this movie....

Our typical school/work day goes a little like this-

My alarm goes off at 7:05am. Usually I am up before then because 1) I'm scared I won't hear my alarm and Haylee will be late so I can't sleep the last hour or 2)  Natalee decided to wake up at 6:45. I get ready and Haylee rolls out of bed around 7:15am to go potty, get her teeth brushed, get dressed (we pick out her clothes the night before) and get her hair done. Then we go downstairs and Haylee gets her shoes on and drinks her cup of chocolate milk (she never eats right after waking up). I put her water bottle in her backpack, make sure she has a snack for school and that all of her homework is in her folder. I feed Jackson, eat a granola bar and we leave the house around 7:35-7:40. Natalee and I have been walking her up to the playground and watching her play and say the pledge before going home.

Sometimes we run errands but if not we come home and play outside until the school bus drives by our house. Natalee LOVES school buses and loves when the one drives right in front of the house and the bus driver waves to her! After that we go inside for breakfast. While Natalee eats breakfast and watches cartoons (usually Rio or Timmy Time) I do the dishes, sweep the tile and straighten things up. After that Natalee puts her big girl panties on, which she has been wearing whenever we are at home, and we spend the morning on and off the potty and watching funny cat videos on you tube. Natalee is doing awesome potty training, She stays dry at church, when we're out and about and even during nap. She won't go #2 in the potty though and always tells me "no big girl panties" when she has to go so I do put a Pull-up on her so she will go and not hold it. Other than that though she hasn't had any accidents during the day and we are so proud of her!

Around 10:45 it's time to pick up Haylee girl from school. Then the girls love to play together till it's lunch time and then Natalee goes down for a nap around 12:30-1pm. She has been taking 3 hour naps and I love every second of it! Some days Haylee and I take a nap and other days when I have stuff to do I just work in the office and she watches her "shows", colors etc.

The rest of the evening is spent doing homework, telling the girls to quit whining, eating dinner, going to the gym (usually 2-3 nights a week),  telling the girls to listen, bath time and then bed time. The girls get their teeth brushed, we take turns reading to them and then we both spend time with them before putting them to bed around 8pm. And every night Haylee wants to tell both of us what she did that day (even though I'm with her most of the time) and Natalee wants me to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to her over and over. I love my sweet girls!

After the girls are in bed I go thru emails, blog, get stuck on Pinterest and get work done. I crawl in bed around 11pm to drift to sleep and wake up the next morning to start all over again. Yippee!

I know it will be fun to look back and see how our schedules have changed some day.