Friday, September 21, 2012

Jackson Makes Me Laugh (And Cry)

This picture makes me laugh-

Jackson LOVES carne asada! It cracks me up that he won't leave Josh's side while he cooks it and cuts it all up. He knows he gets some and that just makes his day!
Jackson scared me Monday. He didn't have water when I woke up so I filled up his bowl and he drank for like 10 minutes straight. Then of course, he went outside and threw up all that water which I knew would happen since he drank too much. But then he was making this weird sound, almost like he was crying and couldn't catch his breath. I thought this was the beginning of the end for him and I sat in the hall holding him and just bawling.
He is doing much better now, thankfully. I'm pretty sure all he needed was some carne asada. Whatever it was, I am thankful for each and every day he is here with us!