Thursday, September 6, 2012

Mother-Daughter Trip

I just got back from a wonderful weekend in California with my Mom and we had so much fun!

We left Friday afternoon and after stopping at Red Robin we arrived to our hotel rather late. So we just planned our weekend a little more and went to bed.

Saturday we woke up and headed to the Venice Beach. We stopped on the side of the road at Tompanga Canyon Beach to take pictures because there were huge waves and practically no one was there.

Glad we stopped because Venice was packed with people!
We walked along the shops at Venice and laughed at all the pot dispensaries every 10 feet and people watched along the way. I got both the girls "shells" since that's what they asked for. Haylee got a bird made of shells and Natalee got a baby starfish. I was lucky enough to find Haylee ONE shell at the beach while we were taking pictures. It was beautiful!
Next we headed to Citywalk to eat at Bubba Gumps! We got a super yummy lava flow, delicious popcorn shrimp and the best bread pudding ever!
Then it was Hollywood time! We walked around Hollywood for a couple hours before going to the Dolby Theatre (Kodak Theatre) to see Cirque Du Soleil's Iris. I have now seen 10 Cirque shows and this was one of my favorites. I LOVED the show and that was the highlight of the whole vacation for me!
We spent Sunday at Six Flags.
Boy have things changed since I was there 10 years ago. The first ride (Goliath) made us feel like we were gonna black out because it went in a circle so fast we started losing our vision. Then the next ride (Scream) I was seriously scared to death. It was one I hadn't been on before and I almost asked them to let me off the ride. It ended up being my 2nd favorite coaster though!
Then we rode the "safe" ones (ones we've been on before) Batman, Ninja, Revolution, Gold Rusher and Viper. We got soaked on the Roaring Rapids and got beat up and terrified on Green Lantern.
That was a new one to us and although it didn't look scary, it was the worst coaster I have ever been on. NEVER AGAIN!
Let's just say after that ride we were too chicken to even go on Tatsu or X2. Viper still remains our favorite coaster! I have no regrets, but I doubt I'll be returning to Six Flags anytime soon.
Monday we headed home stopping along the way to shop a little here and there. We made it home just in time to see 2 excited little girls before bedtime!

We had a wonderful trip but like always, it was too short! Thanks for the fun memories Mom!