Saturday, September 8, 2012

One HAPPY Momma!

Today my heart is filled with happiness and I am so proud of my little girls.

Haylee is doing awesome in school! She got a 100% on her poem recitation this week, 100% on her oral phonogram test yesterday and she was most thrilled about filling up her sticker chart and getting to pick a toy out of the treasure box! She was also very excited that she finally got to check out a book at the library on Wednesday. She came home and "read" it to Natalee right away.

And my sweet little Natalee is showing major improvements in the potty training department. She's been wearing her big girl panties during the day and I think she's only had 2 accidents all week. She usually goes into the bathroom on her own when she has to go and then I hear her yell "done!" and she'll sit there until I come in to help her. Then of course she runs to the pantry to decide what treat she wants!

Her and her buddy played in the rain yesterday!
I am just so content with life right now and loving my sweet little girls. When Momma's happy, everyone is happy! So we're all jumping for joy over here......
or maybe that's the excitement over these huge candy necklaces I brought the girls from California. Either way, we're a happy little family :)