Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday Ramblings

First and foremost.... 1 WEEK FROM TODAY WE LEAVE FOR CALIFORNIA!!!! I'm a bit excited. We're going to Disneyland/California Adventure for 3 days, Knott's Berry Farm 1 day, the beach and we'll have a couple extra days to do whatever. Can't wait!

Natalee came down with a little cold Wednesday that I've been praying she doesn't share with the rest of us. With some TLC she should feel better by the time we leave. I just want us all to be healthy for our trip, is that too much to ask? We'll see.

Haylee went to her first "International Club" meeting at school Thursday and seemed to really like it. It was a little crazy trying to find out where she needs to go and where I pick her up but we survived. Hopefully they'll work everything out soon!

Natalee has been horrible this week. Constantly getting into things, climbing on the counters, making messes...the usual. Her potty training is going great though. She goes right into the bathroom when she has to go and she'll yell "done!" when she's finished. She is going #2 more regularly now so we are definitely making progress. I still put a pull up on her for nap and nighttime as she doesn't always stay dry while she sleeps yet. I am very proud of her though. I remember telling Haylee she needed to be potty trained in order to go to Disneyland when she was 2 1/2...deja vu'! Looks like it worked for both girls!

Josh is set to finally start his new position when we return from California. He also traded in his little van for a truck and is much happier.

Jackson is doing about the same. I'm hoping the new meds kick in fast and that he is no longer in any discomfort. He has become a very high maintenance dog but I don't mind. I love my sweet little boy. It breaks my heart he can no longer jump on the bed or in the car, but he is still going up and down the stairs. My hope is his new meds will really help strengthen his legs and he'll get back to his normal self.

Tomorrow Josh and I are having a date night and can't wait. The girls are excited too because they get to see Grandma Kayanne. Natalee loves her "Mama Kayanne" and can't wait to see her at church every week. That and "play with the boys" are her favorite things about church. That child I tell you.....

Happy Friday!