Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Haylee's 1st Day of Kindergarten

Last night I read Haylee 2 books about Kindergarten and tucked her into bed. She was so excited to start school today, wasn't scared one bit.

Today I felt so rushed. I got Haylee up and dressed, which of course we had a wardrobe malfunction because Haylee is too tiny and the skirt she wanted to wear felt too big on her. Not a problem though, she just picked out a cute jumper to wear over her white shirt. I must say, she is the cutest "school girl" I've ever seen! I am loving the uniforms.
So I brushed her teeth, did her hair and we went downstairs for breakfast. Of course Haylee is never hungry when she first wakes up so she had some chocolate milk and then we went out front to take pictures.

Next thing I knew it was time to go! Haylee briefly saw the gift we got her (Hello Kitty outfit and a big box of Junior Mints) and then we loaded up her backpack, woke Natalee up and we all jumped in the car.
When we got to school, it was a mad house. I ended up jumping out with Haylee to take her to the playground while Josh drove around where we're suppose to drop her off. There were so many kids and parents on the playground, it was a circus. Right when we walked up they were already lining up and heading inside so I gave Haylee a kiss and off she went.
She is so excited because the one little girl, Callie who she went to preschool with just happens to be in her class.

When I picked her up her face was red and she was saying how hot she was. She told me all the other kids had drinks and she was the only one without a drink or snack. I was never told she was suppose to bring a drink or snack but I will definitely make sure she has one from now on.
Haylee said she really likes school. She is excited to go everyday and had fun playing with Callie.

Natalee on the other hand was a terror this morning! I wonder if any school around here takes kids at age 2?! :) She was so excited to see Haylee after school, you'd think Haylee had been gone all day.
I can't believe my sweet little girl is in Kindergarten!!! I love that girl so much!