Monday, August 6, 2012

Perfect Sunday

Yesterday was a pretty perfect day. Natalee (being our alarm clock) slept in till almost 9am so the rest of us did too!

Daddy and Natalee went to Dunkin Donuts for "baby donuts" which is our Sunday ritual. Then they stop by my Mom's to share and come home.

We all got ready for church and headed out. After we check the girls in and get their tags we go find Grandma Kayanne since Natalee has now said "Grandma Kayanne?" about 15 times since she woke up :) We took Natalee to her class first and she started crying right away. I reminded her (before I took her in her class actually) that if she didn't cry I would give her a crabby patty. I also took her "BoBo" just in case. Haylee went in her class and then we headed in for our session.

When we picked up Natalee she looked happy and her eyes weren't red from crying. As soon as she saw us she said "crabby patty!!!" and she was so happy. She even gave her teacher a hug and they told us she only cried when we first dropped her off and then she was fine. She ate her snack too. I was soooooo happy!

We had Firehouse Subs (sooooo good) for lunch and then Natalee took a 3 hour nap!
 (we are addicted to the beef brisket!)

The rest of the evening the girls played outside and Josh grilled some steaks.

The day was just peaceful and I was so happy Natalee enjoyed church again. We love going to Mission, it's such a wonderful change!

*I didn't take any pictures yesterday but I wanted to document that we had a wonderful day because sometimes things can get super crazy around here :)