Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I took a little vacation from blogging. I've been busy and haven't felt like writing but now I'm back on track.

Let's see.....last Wednesday was our eventful day of the week. It started with our Summer Movie Fun at Harkins with Dustin & Hannah. Dustin was having a lot of pain in his side so he decided to leave the movie to walk around. He called my cell in tears because he was in so much pain, he was throwing up and he felt like he was gonna pass out. I grabbed the girls and we left the movie. I got them all in the car and then decided to take him to Urgent Care instead of the ER because he currently doesn't have insurance. I was so scared it was his appendix and he was in so much pain and I was panicking. Thank God no one was at Urgent Care and we got right in. 3-4 hours later, xrays and a lot of waiting (so thankful my girls behaved) he was sent home. I am so thankful it was nothing serious. I always think the worse :( It was so scary to see him in so much pain and so sick. He's been doing better ever since.

It's been way too hot AND humid. So much for dry heat! I do love the rain and storms we've been getting but the humidity sucks.

We finally got our windshield replaced last Thursday. Exciting I know. The $50 Fry's card they send me will be exciting!

My niece Samantha is pregnant. She is due in March. I say it's a girl.

Josh is training his replacement at work and is still on track to be promoted August 1st. Tomorrow he will be pimping his brand new work vehicle, a small van type thing. He is not looking forward to that but is excited it has a cd player.

Friday I went to get the load of darks out of the dryer and noticed the whole dryer was super blue. As I started taking the clothes out I realized they had blue spots all over them! Somehow, a stupid blue crayon got mixed in the clothes. I am just sick about all the clothes that were ruined. And apparently our dryer is stained blue because WD-40, alcohol, magic eraser, 409 or Solumel will not take it out. What a disaster! If you see us around town with blue spots on our clothes, don't judge. Perfect clothes are so overrated!
After acting like she was done with naps, Natalee has been taking regular 2 hour naps again. Thank God! I don't think I'll ever be ready for her to stop taking naps. She has been such a handful the last 2 days!

Me and the girls made jelly fish last week using paper plates, streamers and ribbon. Super easy, super cute!
Couponing has been good the past month or so. I've stocked up on Hefty bags and now I'm stocking up on Huggies wipes for the year. I also love when Target has apparel coupons because I get cheap shirts. Too bad my brand new tank top was included in the laundry "incident" and I didn't even get to wear it once.

My back has been killing again. I called to find out about Physical Therapy and basically my insurance will not cover it. I can't afford $60 a visit 2-3 times a week for 4-6 weeks so I guess I'll have to deal with it.

Happy Monday.