Friday, July 13, 2012

4th of July

Our 4th of July was perfect. The weather was absolutely perfect! Rainy, a slight breeze and in the 80's.

We took the girls to Jambo's where they rode the rides over and over. Natalee loves the "choo choo" of course and Haylee's favorite ride is "all the rides".

After Jambo's we picked up some steaks and headed home to let the girls play outside for a bit. We've been stuck inside for so long because it's been so hot so the girls loved being out there. It started to rain while the played but that didn't bother them one bit. Josh grilled the steaks and we had a yummy dinner!

A little after 8pm we ventured over to Schnepf Farms to find a place to park and watch the fireworks. We ended up parking along Signal Butter right behind where they let the fireworks off and we had a great view. I took glow sticks and snacks to keep the girls busy while we waited and they were so good. Natalee kept saying "again" because she loved the fireworks and didn't want them to end.

After fireworks everyone crashed. Except me. :)