Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday Ramblings

This week went by pretty fast. We've stayed busy with crafts, SMF and school shopping! I can't believe Haylee starts Kindergarten in just 19 days!!!

Craft time is umm....interesting at our house. Haylee loves to do crafts and she is great at making everything on her own. Natalee is a different story. She usually helps me for about 1 minute and then she's not really interested anymore. Oh well, it's still fun. This week we made Starfish, Fruit Loop Necklaces and Caterpillars.

We took the girls to the library this week for the first time in months. Haylee loves to pick out her own books and Natalee likes to run around like a monkey.

Wednesday was SMF and we saw Smurfs. Natalee is still too young for movies but we only have 1 left. She does pretty good for the first hour. She'll sit in her stroller and eat popcorn and M&M's. Then she wants out and walks back and forth between me and Dustin and sits with Hannah. Luckily the seating has worked out so that no one around us is distracted by her. Maybe next year she'll do better!

I realized Wednesday that Haylee starts school in only 3 weeks. I hadn't started school shopping and I assumed uniform shopping would be a nightmare because she is so tiny and I have a hard time finding her clothes that fit. Well last night Haylee and I went to Kohl's, Old Navy and Walmart and to my surprise we finished everything in 1 night! She is gonna be the cutest little "school girl" and she should have plenty of uniform pieces to last all year!  I'm gonna do a separate post on everything she got, but this is her at Chick-Fil-A because this is where she chose to go for dinner.
The girls are jumping for joy because I finally booked our hotel in California!
Ok, they aren't really jumping, but they are super excited for Disneyland and they love when their Daddy throws them in the air too! We decided to stay an entire week in California so we're going to Knott's Berry Farm, Hollywood, Disneyland/California Adventure and the Beach. I was also thinking about having breakfast with the characters at Disneyland but Josh said "why, so Natalee can throw chicken nuggets at Mickey?" Good point. Maybe I'll rethink that one!

Every Monday, Haylee and I go to my Mom's to watch the Bachelorette. Natalee and Daddy have daddy/daughter time and Josh loves it! He says she behaves so good when it's just her. I received this picture Monday and now I know why she behaves!!!
(notice the M&M's in her hand)
I wish she behaved for me. She is constantly getting into things and not listening to me. I put her in timeout in her crib (only place to contain her) this week and I heard her saying "Mom pooooo" I was scared to go in her room.
I'm sure I'm the only person who would go downstairs and grab the camera upon finding this as I walked into her room. And I'm also probably the only person to post a picture like this too but I thought it was actually kinda funny. Lately she has been taking off her clothes and even her diaper constantly. Thank God she hasn't "decorated" her room with any messes yet. Also, she has been using the big girl potty more and more this week. The only bad thing is she'd rather climb on the regular potty than go on the baby potty and that's just an accident waiting to happen. You can bet if she falls in I will grab the camera to take a picture of that too!

I'm super excited for this weekend. My Mom is watching the girls and Josh and I are going to Big Surf tomorrow!!!! We're gonna eat lunch at our new favorite place, Firehouse Subs first and then hit the wave pool and fun slides. I can't wait.

Happy Friday!


Beka said...

wow- your church has a "kid code" that pops up:) ? pretty clever:)

Natalee is funny:)- the good thing about wanting to use the big potty is you won't have to clean out the baby one's= gross!! she seems so independent!! good & bad:)

keeping busy:)