Sunday, July 22, 2012

Change of Plans

After looking at the forecast I decided Big Surf wasn't a good idea with 40% chance of rain all day. Now I wish we would have went since the storm didn't roll in till later in the afternoon. Oh well, we still had fun and got a lot done.

We started the day at Firehouse Subs. Then we went to Target so I could exchange some clothes. While there I found Hello Kitty flip flops for Haylee for 50% off!! Next up we went to the YMCA to get a tour and more info. and then to Fry's where Josh was honored to do a Mega trip with me :)

After dropping off groceries we went to LA Fitness where we got a tour and decided to join there. I have never set foot in a gym so this should be an adventure! I have a free 30 day pass to use whenever since my back is hurting again and I don't think strenuous workouts are going to be a good idea. Hopefully my back will get better soon and I can start working out regularly.

Next we went to see Ted. Although it had some funny parts it was also pretty stupid. While we were in the theatre, the rest of the vallley was getting hit with a haboob. We didn't realize anything was going on till we left and it was raining and we saw all the pictures people posted on FB.

We spent the rest of the night going to Ross, Kohls and Walmart in search of workout shoes, clothes etc. and getting some groceries.

While we had a busy day, the girls were having a blast up in the mountains with Grandma, Dustin and Hannah. They left around 11am and didn't get home till about 9:30pm. They had fun at the fish hatchery and running around exploring. My Mom said they were well behaved which makes me super happy!

After getting the girls bathed and in bed I received a text from my niece that she was at the hospital miscarrying. She is devastated. I myself have never gone through a miscarriage (thank God) so I can only imagine the pain and sadness she feels. Life is just not fair sometimes.

Today at church our "code" popped up on the screen that lets us know one of our kids needs something. We immediately knew it was probably Natalee and we were informed she was having a bad day and kept crying off and on. They knew that wasn't normal for Natalee so they wanted to let us know. I'm sure she was just super tired. She didn't have a nap yesterday and she didn't get to bed till late last night. I just hope when we go back next week she doesn't remember what happened and become sad again. I would hate for her not to have fun and enjoy her class. So far she has loved church and always talks about the boys in her class. She's silly.

Tonight Haylee and I are going to see Alice in Wonderland at Broadway Palm. Hope we don't get caught in the new storm coming!!!