Sunday, June 17, 2012

Ready for a new week

What a week! Monday Natalee went to the doctor because she was running a fever. Verdict- Ear Infection. She goes home with an antibiotic. Tuesday I notice Jackson is having issues when he goes potty so I take him to the doctor. Verdict- Infection. He goes home with an antibiotic. The doctor thinks his previous one never fully went away so he was given a new prescription and will take this one longer. And then there's Haylee girl. Guess she didn't want to feel left out because Wednesday she started running a fever with no other symptoms. Her fever got up to 103.5 and she continued to run a fever off and on for 48 hours so I just knew something was up even though she said nothing bothered her. Verdict- Strep Throat. So she's on an antibiotic. I feel like a pharmacy here. It's like I'm constantly giving the girls or Jackson one medicine or another, it's crazy. Thank God all 3 of them take their medicine good.

Since Haylee was contagious till about 24 hours after she started her antibiotics, her birthday party had to be postponed. She was sad at first because she said she "waited years and years for this day to come" but I let her open her main gift from us Friday night so she is totally fine with postponing her party a week. We got her a Leapster Explorer and 3 different games. So far she loves it!

Before Haylee started feeling cruddy she was able to finish up her 2nd craft club for the week. Monday she made a cute frog out of paper plates which included a aluminum foil ball as a "fly" to play catch with. Wednesday she made a robot out of an aluminum can and that turned out so cute too. She is absolutely loving her craft club. Sadly, she had to miss craft club Friday since she's sick but her sweet teacher said she'd put aside the materials for Haylee to still make the craft. She has one more day of craft club and then I'm gonna start making crafts with her a couple days a week.

Tomorrow is the start of swimming lessons and I pray they do good and Haylee doesn't refuse to cooperate. I plan on recording them so I can practice the same techniques with them. We bought a new pool today and it's big enough for them to practice in. It is very important they learn water safety and learn to swim just in case. It breaks my heart to hear about child drownings on the news.

Here's to a better week with the girls feeling better!